Who Is Your Master?

Who is your master?

A master is one whom you serve. It is one to whom a servant pays obeisance. A master is one who is in control of a servant’s life. A servant has no existence outside his master’s will. A master determines the direction in which the life of the servant goes. A servant has no say except to do what the master says. The servant’s whole existence is controlled and determined by the master whom he serves. An evil master will inflict pain and suffering on his servant but a good master will bring peace and well being to the life of his servant. In Matthew 6:24, the Bible says that there are two masters, God and Money. It goes further to say that we cannot love, serve or be loyal to both of them equally. If we love one, we will hate and despise the other.  We are either servants of God or servants of money. We cannot serve God and money at the same time.

In life we make decisions based on either the influence of God or the influence of money. There is no neutrality to this. You are either on one side or the other. The direction in which we go in life is determined by who or what we love and who or what we are loyal to. Your love and your loyalty is either to God or to money. You either love God and stay loyal to Him or you love money and stay loyal to money. Your loyalty to God will be tested by money. If this has never happened to you, it soon will. Your commitment to the Lord will be tested over and over again until you pass that test.

In Matthew 6:24, the Bible states that there are two forces battling for the control of our lives –God and money-and the force to which we yield will determine the outcomes in our lives. Don’t be too quick to say that you love God and you are loyal to Him because the Bible says that the heart of man is deceitful. It is only God’s Word that exposes the deception that lurks within our hearts and minds. I pray that God’s Word will be a light to expose deceitfulness in our lives and set us free indeed.

To love God and stay loyal to Him is to put Him first above all else. It is to put His word first and to follow Him daily. To love the Lord is to set aside your own plans and desires and do what the Lord wants you to do. To love the Lord is to give up all your earthly pursuits and do only that which pleases the Lord. This is not an easy thing to do. It will require the Holy Spirit to do a work of regeneration in our hearts to love the Lord with all our hearts.

To be loyal to the Lord is to obey His voice. When the Lord speaks to your heart, do you obey or do you look for a reason not to follow His plan for your life? To be loyal to the Lord is to be trustworthy. Can the Lord trust you with His plans and purpose for your life? Can you be trusted with the lives of the men and women He will bring into your life, to be a blessing to them?

Many are servants of money but are under the false impression that they serve God. Others serve money openly and do not bother to deceive anybody about where their loyalty lies. To serve money is to allow money control your every decision. For instance, if you are offered a job, do you take it to the Lord in prayer or do you accept the job based on how much money you have been offered? Some people choose a spouse based on how much money he or she has, as if it is money they are getting married to. Money controls their decisions and not God and His Word.

In Mark 4:19, the Bible says that money is deceitful. It simply means that you can be seduced and deceived by money to follow the wrong path in life. You can be deluded by money to walk down a path of destruction. The path to hell is full of lots of shiny stuff, if it weren’t so, many people will not throng to it. In Luke 12:14, Jesus said, ‘take heed and beware of covetousness, a man’s life does not consist of the things he possesses.’ The love of money deceives you to think that all that matters in life is money. It makes you believe the lie that family, friends and future are not as important as the possession of money or its material equivalents. Such a mind-set will lead you to nothing but pain and loss. Money is a good servant but a very terrible master. If you allow money to gain control of your life, it will make your life miserable.

The only way to serve God and not money is to break the hold of covetousness and greed over our lives by being content with what we have. 1Timothy6:6, the Bible says that Godliness with contentment is great gain. What does it mean to be content? Contentment means to function within the boundaries of your gifts, grace and the calling on your life. It means to stay in the place where God has sent or placed you. Contentment means to use the talents God has blessed you with to create an awesome life. Contentment means functioning in the very centre of grace. It means living a full life within the ambit of your calling. If you have made the Lord your master, you will live in contentment, if you are not content, money is probably your master. Love and loyalty to God, above all else, is the mark of a genuine servant of God.




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7 responses to “Who Is Your Master?

  1. Very insightfull sir…pls sir ♓☺w can ℓ reach U̶̲̥̅̊ ? Maybe on your personal email preferably. Dis M̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ email, denscholar2020@yahoo.com

  2. Blessing

    PG thanks 4 dat write up l ve learnt alot frm all ur books is really inspiring thanks.


    its very encouraging to read this message especially to be content with what we have.GOD Wil richly bless you for this.

  4. olawale

    Thanks for the wonderful food you gave us evevryday.


    sir tis is really insightful , more beside your books have inspired and trasnformed my life ,mind aND MINISTRY, THANKS SIR.

  6. Fantastic

    I really love your book. They are simple and very inspiring. I pray for more grace for you to keep up blessing your world

  7. Sarah

    wow! This is great. I wish I could get more teachings like this everyday.

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