Love Tips. The Law of Agreement.

Love Tips. The Law Of Agreement.

1. A great relationship never happens by chance. It is deliberately created. Your relationship will work when you understand and function by the law of agreement.

2. Two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement. Amos 3:3. What this simply means is that no matter what you feel you’ve got going in your relationship, if there is no agreement, it won’t work.

3. Before you commit yourself to a relationship, ask yourself: ‘what do we have in common with each other?’ You can write a list. This will help give you some clarity.

4. You should never force a relationship to happen. If you like someone but that person doesn’t like you, don’t force yourself on that person.

5. Love is a choice. It should never be coerced, manipulated, threatened or forced out of you. If you feel pressured, that relationship is not for you.

6. Are you moving in the same direction? If your beliefs, vision and general direction in life are different, you are not in agreement and should be careful about making a commitment to a relationship.

7. If you are in agreement in various areas of your life, you can work out your differences by negotiation. Learn to negotiate instead of fighting or quarreling.

8. You should endeavour to deepen and strengthen your areas of agreement.

9. You will only be happy with someone you are in agreement with. Constant disagreement will make you unhappy and miserable.

10. Learn to walk and work together, it helps strengthen your agreement. Love is humble. Arrogance will sabotage your relationship. Don’t try to prove anything. Just show your love the best way that you can.



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20 responses to “Love Tips. The Law of Agreement.

  1. i’m blessed cos i still have more time to learn.

  2. Juliet

    I love this article,lt realy teaches alot.

  3. blessing

    Its true, two must agree to become one. And when oneness is achieved they get comitted which brings about d sweetness of every relationship

  4. MacBonny

    Thought provoking it is. This is wishing u d bst in all ur effort 2 put smiles on pples faces. Mote strength in all u do.

  5. Tanx this enlighten me 2stand in a solid relationship

  6. Timy Newman

    Really good stuff. I sure am happy to have come across this law. God bless you PG.

  7. Mary Ekanem

    Thanks! I am blessed

  8. destiny

    i love this it make me kw my where i belong in love

  9. Blessing

    PG thanks am so blessed abt dis God will reward u amen

  10. olawale

    Does vision, career has to do with your love ( feeling) for someone? What about if you love the person and he or she does not share the same vision or only one of them have vision. In the days of our forefathers, they have less divorced marriages, and I dont think there was anything called vision then.
    Plesse sir, i just want to be enlightened.

    thank you

    • The days of your fathers were different. Women did not have the kind of enlightenment they have today. Our mothers followed our fathers without jest ion. Things are no longer like that. If your vision is not in alignment, you will have serious problems with your spouse. Two cannot walk together unless they are moving in the same direction.

      • olawale

        Thanks for the insights. May God continue to use you for the upliftment of humanity.

        Thank you

  11. oluwatosin

    Wow…………. Dis articles are so inspiring. More grace on u sir

  12. ruth

    hello just ran into your article.i will appreciate an answer to this question.I meet this guy thru a project we are doing in 9ja,we are in two different part of the world bt we kinda gelled on most of your highlighted point.I think i really liked him but so concerned of the distance.Do u assume we can work it out dating online and do you think i should let him know how i feel about him.we are both under 25,getting good education in our respective countries and both committed to giving back which is so important to me.Your advise will greatly be appreciated.God bless you

    • Getting to meet someone online is quite different from meeting them face to face. I will advise that before you proceed with this relationship, you get to meet this person. Many people have been deceived by fake online personas.

  13. Anjostefem

    This is a right piece at the right moment. God bless you.

  14. floresha

    Waooo am speechless, its very important to walk in the same direction and always think positive with yo life partner 2b b4 u decide on him/her, if u differ in many things beta nt continue with such a person. Fellows get this advise or else u will live to regret in yo life tym hence having otha girlfriends or boyfriends and end up in divorce lolests….

  15. Gard Moris

    Dear our best Author praise goerge,thanks for sharing your knowledge with through the books you wrote ,like start with what you have from where you are,The love book.I personally learn’t how start with little financial row materials from where i am in order to become asuccesseul person not a failure,keep it up man.

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