For Single Ladies. Green Flags.

For Single Ladies. Green Flags.

1. We have a lot to say about red flags, but very little to say about ‘green flags.Red flags represent ‘danger.’ They mean ‘don’t go near this dude,’ ‘run for your life.’

2. Green flags mean that you can ‘go for it.’ It means that the ‘package is good’. A green flag means that you should ‘move in’ on this guy before someone else gets to him. A green flag tells you that ‘this is it.’

3. When you see a green flag, don’t delay, procrastinate or hesitate. There are very few good men and women out there. When you see a good man, it is time to stop playing games and ‘stake your claim.’ Don’t be ‘slow’ or some ‘street smart’ lady will move in on him.

4. Many ladies probably see what you see but are waiting for ‘something better.’ I have no idea what that means. It is the lady who moves first that gets the man.

5. There is no perfect man or woman. However, you can find a good man who will be a blessing to you on your marital journey. Instead of looking for all the ‘hidden faults,’ I suggest that you accept the very visible strengths and good qualities you can see and go on with the relationship.

6. So, what are green flags? The first ‘go sign’ you should look for in a man is his character. Is he God fearing? Is he a man of integrity? Is he honest and open with you? A man with integrity has more value to you than a man with a house full of money. What do you want, peace of mind and happiness or a house full of money and problems?

7. Does he have a life? Is his life ‘working’? If his life is in order and he handles his affairs quite well, you should see this as another green flag. A man whose life is organised will also bring such order into your life. If this dude has a Job or an identifiable source of income, it is definitely a green flag.

8. Does he share many things in common with you? Are you compatible and comfortable with him? Can you chill out with him for hours and forget the rest of the world? That is a green flag.

9. Does he like you and care for you? Are you always on his mind?A man who likes you will be there for you, will, will do all in his power to be a blessing to you, go the extra mile for you. Love is in his actions. If he shows that he loves you, it is a green flag

10. Does he make you happy? Does his presence, wisdom and words help you neutralise worry and anxiety? Does he bring peace into your life? If he does, ‘lay your claim’ now before some other woman does. With such green flags, things can only get better.




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22 responses to “For Single Ladies. Green Flags.

  1. i’ll keep that in mind for my time.thanks P.G

  2. Kelly

    Loving this! Yaaayyyyyyy!

  3. Ohis

    Thanks, this is truly my experience and I Thank God no time wasted!

  4. confidence emmanuel

    gud encuragmnt.i lyk that

  5. Molly

    Did not know you had a blogspot……. Yaaaaayness… Am one of ur student,for the past 4yrs from facebook…. Guess what? Am. In a serious relationship and will b gettting married ds December….ur words of wisdom has really blessed and encouraged me!!!! I sure will always look out for u here…. U can also check out me blogspot

  6. Blessing

    Whao! Is really wonderful l luv ur advice on green am blessed thanks.

  7. Blessing

    Whao! l luv ur write up on green flag am blessed thanks.

  8. Katia

    “…When you see a good man, it is time to stop playing games and ‘stake your claim.’ Don’t be ‘slow’ or some ‘street smart’ lady will move in on him.” Praise George, how do you stake your claim? if you are not street-smart, and don’t know what to do, please help, how do you stake your claim and move in, in such a way that you dont over-do things by not playing the persuer or role of a man(persuing). Katia

    • Staking your claim is simple: make a commitment to that man. When you have enough signs to show you that he is a good man, don’t playany more games. Let him realise that you are ready for marriage. A man who visibly shows that he cares for should be taken very seriously. Let him know that ‘you mean business.’

      • Rosie

        that is if he proposes…of what good is your commitment if the man is not ready? some men may have the green flag and still not be ready to settle down.

  9. P.G, you are a blessing to our world.. Your words of wisdom are reviving.. They make the weak strong,the confusd focusd,d foolish wise and they heal the broken heart.. You are my mentor.. God bless you and your family.. May he take you deeper into d realm of his manifold wisdom.. Amen.

  10. Pls i want to download is he the man 4 me. Help pls!.

  11. Juliet

    I lov ds it realy helps me in my love life.BRAVO!

  12. oluwatosin

    Interesting, inspiring n wonderful. U r gr8

  13. elsie

    wow!!!!!! i feel chills all over my body

  14. Ogochukwu

    The best thing. Thanks to my friend Oby for posting this to me.

  15. Mirian Star

    D article is ‘d bomb’

  16. Oniyide remi

    Nice one

  17. Oluwakemi

    Indeed, dis α̲̅rε̲̣̣̣̥ my experience with my man. Without any doubt ,it į̸̸̨§ a green flag

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