For Single Ladies. How Many Men Does It Take To Spell STUPID?

For Single Ladies. How Many Men Does It Take To Spell STUPID?

1. You cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. Someone defined such behaviour as insanity.

2. You may be fast talking and quite persuasive, but if your love life is a mess, then you must be doing something very wrong.

3. Somehow, you’ve always fallen into the hands of wrong men. You tell everyone that you are the victim and you have been taken advantage of. But are you really the victim here or the perpetrator of your problems?

4. If men keep using and dumping you, then you must be doing something very wrong. Now is the time to stop doing whatever you have been doing that has been sabotaging your relationship.

5. If you want to get married, why do you always ‘choose’ the guy who is most unsuitable to be a husband to you? Why do you try to build a relationship with a man who will disappoint you in the long run? Why do you enter a room of 100 guys and end up locating the most unsuitable men to date? do you have a destructive self wish? It seems like you have a negative talent for choosing bad guys.

6. How many men do you need to humiliate you and break your heart until you realise that you have no idea how to make a relationship work? How many men will it take to make you realise that you have been stupid as regards love and relationship. How many men will waste your financial, emotional and material resources until you realise that you are in serious trouble?

7. Reaching out for help does not make you stupid, it makes you smart. Only the stupid will remain arrogant and refuse to ask for help to solve her relationship issues.

8. Love and a successful relationship never happen by chance, you must do something about making your relationship work. When you know what to do and do the right things, you will enjoy a great relationship.

9. The people who enjoy a great relationship know something that you don’t. Be humble. Drop your pride. Ask the right questions. Read the right books. Whatever you do, don’t remain stupid!




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11 responses to “For Single Ladies. How Many Men Does It Take To Spell STUPID?

  1. Fortune Andinyanga

    God pls see dem tro ohhhh

  2. olawale

    Girls this is for youoooooo.heed

  3. Abiola

    Accepting responsibility is a key step in making a life-transforming change. For as long as there’s someone else to blame, nothing will change.

    Thanks for sharing PG! More grace to you.

  4. pls sir wots d way forward

  5. olawale

    Please help. i was proposed to by a lady that i have never seen, what should i say o?

    • How can you be ‘proposed to’ by someone you have never seen? What sort of proposition is that?

      • olawale

        She said, she is interested in me that i should send my details to her. we met on line(Nigeria Website). But i never believe you can have feeling for the person you dont know.

  6. God bless u ke’p it up.

  7. Sir,i want to know more?and d way to make it in life.

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