For Ladies. Diva or Devil?

For Ladies. Diva or Devil?

1. The media, books and movies have painted the image of a diva in the minds of millions of young ladies as someone worth emulating. Unknown to them, this image could well be that of a devil. Be careful who and what you imitate.

2. Diva wears the latest and most fashionable attires, whether she can afford them or not. Nice clothes are cool as long as you don’t go bankrupt trying to buy them. Wear only what you can afford. If he doesn’t like it, then let him buy what he likes you to wear. But never pressure him for stuff. Wear what you have.

3. Diva is high maintenance. She wants nothing but the most expensive for herself. In reality, high maintenance spells trouble for men. A man will do all within his power to USE the high maintenance and dump her as quickly as possible. Men want a lady who is down to earth and practical. They want a woman who can help put their life together. High maintenance is bad news for guys.

4. Diva fakes it.That may look good in the movies but that is a devil trait. That is deception.You don’t have to fake anything. Be your real self. If a guy doesn’t like the real you, find someone else. Don’t fake an accent, or a walk, or anything about yourself. Of course you should strive to improve yourself, but don’t fake it. Never.

5. Diva is manipulative. That makes her look ‘smart’ and worldly intelligent. You don’t have to manipulate a man to get him in your life. Manipulation is a devil trait. Never use your body, emotions, money, or sex to manipulate a guy. Manipulation ultimately fails. Manipulation is witchcraft and that is a devil trait.

6. Diva has the character of a 5 year old. She throws tantrums, breaks stuff and storms out of rooms in anger just to get her way. Foolish men add to her foolishness by saying, ‘you look so beautiful when you are angry.’ No she doesn’t. She looks beautiful when she’s peaceful. Unrestrained anger is a devil trait and it will destroy your relationship. The Bible says in Proverbs: anger lies in the bosom of fools Ecclesiastes 7:9. Deal with anger in your life.

7. Diva does very little to help the relationship. Makes the man do all the work. This is a devil trait. If you like this man and want to spend the rest of your life with him, then you will have to contribute to the development and growth of your relationship. Bring value to the table. A good woman helps to build. If you feel that building the relationship is a waste of your time, then you shouldn’t be in it.

8. Diva is arrogant. Pride is a devil trait. It may work well in movies but in real life, pride is guaranteed to destroy your relationship. The Bible says in Proverbs 16:18: pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. Humility is a defence for your relationship. If you feel too big to apologise when you are wrong and forgive when you are offended, you may just be too big for that relationship and it will be taken from you. May the Lord grant you understanding.




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12 responses to “For Ladies. Diva or Devil?

  1. Chichi

    Wow….God bless U Sir, beautiful piece there

  2. Amanda

    Is it wrong to see the good in a man and yet still be dissatisfied? To be fustrated with him not reaching full potential despite urging from his woman? Would this be ignorance on her part or his?

    • When you use words like ‘dissatisfied’, ‘frustrated’ and urging, it shows that you are in a struggle with that guy in that relationship. If you feel dissatisfied, that guy probably isn’t for you. A man who isn’t trying to unravel his potential, has issues with himself. If you choose to be with him, you will have to live with him the way he is.

  3. So lovely.God bless u sir

    Its so great reading from you everyday.May God enrich ur understanding

  4. Mbasekei

    The Bible actually has stipulations for a ‘diva’ worth emulating, whose price is ‘far above rubies’. The whole thing can be found in proverbs 31.

  5. So true, thanks Pastor u are really a blessing

  6. elohozeno

    wow i now understand some of trait i possess thank u iwill change

  7. Okemena

    thanks a great deal. the women of this generation very much need this. its so true and liberating!.

  8. Blessing

    Praise George thank u many girls ve b used nd dump as a result of diva or devil cos they want emulate pple. I ve learnt alot abt ur write up.

  9. Emmanuel orkson

    I believe this plain truth. Most ladies of today lust after clothes ,latest hair ,etc some even go to the extent of giving in for sex just to raise money for clothes ,hair ,footwear etc.

  10. olawale

    Thanks for not letting us live in ignorance. May God enrich your knowledge.

    Thank you

    My mentor

  11. Pauline favour

    Great knowledge

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