The Error Of Choosing For Yourself.

Choice has consequence.

Where you are on your life’s journey is as a result of the choices you have made through the years. Nothing happens to us by chance or accident. Most of our life experiences come about as a result of the choices we make.

In this age of motivational teaching, you are encouraged to ‘dream big’, ‘have a big vision’, ‘shoot for the moon,’ etc. You are told to create your own future. You are taught that you ‘have the power within’ to create a great life. There’s a lot that the human mind can accomplish without the help or involvement of God. If you look around you, there are many people who are not Christians who seem to be doing well. I say ‘seem’ because the Bible says that the end of a matter is better than the beginning. What you see, or what you think you see may be plain delusion and may lead down a path of destruction. The Bible says in Proverbs 14:12 that there’s a way that seems right to a man but it ends in death and destruction.

In Genesis 13, there was strife between Abraham and Lot’s herdsmen and the crisis had to be settled. Abraham had carried Lot along when his father died. Now Lot had become rich through Abraham’s influence and help. But as is in the nature of man, Lot never realised that the blessing on his life was as a result of his association with Abraham. He had become big and thought that he didn’t need Abraham in his life and he was probably right. But that is not the point of this article. Abraham asked Lot to make a decision, to choose which side of the land he would dwell in. Until this point in the story, you probably wouldn’t realise who was the cause of the strife between their herdsmen. But when Lot made his decision, it was obvious what had been going on all along.

The Bible says in Genesis 13:11, ‘Then Lot chose for himself….’ On the surface, nothing was wrong with his choice. Just like the New Age teachings of error that have entered the Church, they look good on the surface until you examine them closely. Christians are motivated by greed and not God’s plan and purpose for their lives.
Lot chose the fertile land and he pitched his tent towards Sodom but Abraham listened to the Lord and chose what the Lord wanted for him. If the story ended there, you will never discover the error of Lot’s ways. You may think that Abraham was foolish and Lot was wise. But as events turned out, you will discover that Lot was very wrong. His arrogance, self will and covetousness ended in loss, pain and destruction. Read the story.

Many of us ‘choose for ourselves’ and end up in loss, pain and destruction. We follow the error of Lot and make choices motivated by greed, covetousness, arrogance and self will. You cannot choose a spouse ‘for yourself’, without God’s approval and expect it to be well with you. You cannot choose a career ‘for yourself’, without God’s approval and expect it to end well. You cannot choose a country to reside in ‘for yourself’ and expect God’s blessings to be on your life. Those who follow the way of Lot and choose for themselves will always end up in loss, pain and destruction.

You must understand that God wants the best for you. No matter what you desire in life, God’s plan for you is far better. His thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace. God knows the future. He sees beyond the facade and the deception of the now. If you are single, God knows the right spouse for you. That woman whom you think is a diva today could very well turn out to be a devil tomorrow. That man whom you think is rich and handsome today could end up being a monster tomorrow. God sees the heart and the future and can therefore choose for you with accuracy. To choose a spouse for yourself without God’s approval of inner peace, will be to head towards disaster.

To choose a career for yourself without divine approval will be to toy with disaster. To choose a business venture for yourself without God’s approval could lead to great loss. To choose a country of residence for yourself without divine approval will lead you down a path of pain. If God has not led you into that business, you could be walking a path that leads to destruction. That business which looks great now could turn out to be a burying ground of your destiny if God didn’t choose it for you.

That path which seems right to you today may end in disaster. That man/woman who looks like an angel today may be the ‘devil’s cousin’ in disguise. That business which looks rosy today may swallow up your destiny tomorrow. Never walk by sight. Instead of choosing for yourself, spend time in prayer and allow the Lord to guide you and help you make the right choices. Let the Holy Spirit give you clarity and peace about that decision you want to make. When you are patient and allow the Lord choose for you, things will always turn out exceptionally well for you, far beyond your imagination and expectation.




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20 responses to “The Error Of Choosing For Yourself.

  1. Amen. Great post. God bless you and your family well.

  2. I will wait on God. Thank you Pastor please keep me in your prayers God richly bless you Charmaine

  3. It’s really encouraging! Am imparted

  4. It really encouraging. Have been imparted!

  5. I am blessed and refreshed by this piece. Thank you Uncle George.

  6. Henry Witte

    Praise, thanks old buddy. Thank you for sharing. May you be refreshed; may you be restored; in Jesus’ name, Amen!



  8. Fadina oloyede

    GOD I will humbly wait on you. So help me GOD

  9. Blessing

    I luv ur article l think d best way to suceed in life is 2 allow God to guide one in all ways whether it is choosing caree or partner or business seeking God’s approval is d best. Thank u

  10. Blessing

    Pls sir l lost dis ur write up on ‘Give Love a Chance’

  11. conrad bright

    sir i am great full and more inspired day by day as i go through these articles i am great full.

  12. Olubunmi Onamuti

    I have been blessed by this article, God bless you and continue to enrich you with his sound wisdom.

  13. nelson ishike

    when are u coming to p.h sir

  14. Emmanuel Obasi

    This article is inspiring. May God refill ur memory for more sir. God bless u.

  15. olawale

    Thanks Bros

  16. Deborah

    God bless and keep you in Jesus name. Great grace! Shalom!

  17. Mary Ekanem

    D honour u sir

  18. Deacon Seth Agbodrah

    This is trully wonderful. God bless you man of God.

  19. Benson

    may God bless u

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