The Fruits Of True Love.

The Fruits Of True Love.

1. When true love finds you, there will be honour and respect attached to it.

2. Love will not humiliate you in any way. If you feel humiliated, ridiculed or embarrassed because of your relationship, there’s something wrong with it. If your partner reminds you daily that he/she is doing you a favour, that is humiliating. You don’t belong in such a relationship. An arrogant person will never find or enjoy true love.

3. Love does not shame you. To shame you is to make you see only your weaknesses, your faults and your failures. To shame you is to make you feel worthless. Anyone who makes you feel that way doesn’t love you.

4.Love comes into your life to reveal your strengths. It comes to show you the possibilities that exist in your life.

5. True love will never bring you lower than you are. Love will LIFT you up. No matter where you find yourself, when love comes into your life, it will enhance it, improve it, make it better.

6. Love brings you joy.It heals your pain. If all you feel is pain with this person, there’s something wrong with the relationship.

7. Love doesn’t make you cry. If all you do is cry because of the pain your feel in your relationship, something is wrong. Your tears should be tears of joy, not pain.

8. Love will never abuse you in any way. Emotional, financial,mental, physical or spiritual abuse is alien to true love. Love will enhance your life and make you better.

9. Love brings a blessing in to your life. The blessing of peace, favour, joy, well being, all come into your life with true love.

10. By their fruit you shall know them. When true love comes into your life, it is easy to recognise it by the fruit it brings along with it. A good tree will produce good fruit. An evil tree will produce bad fruit. Don’t make excuses for your partner. If the fruit is bad, you are with the wrong ‘tree’. Good fruits cannot be hidden and are self explanatory.




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14 responses to “The Fruits Of True Love.

  1. james

    am in love with this lady unless i can her she will not call

  2. Blessing

    I lve dis ur write up may God bless u nd ur family amen.

  3. Am in relationship with this lady but she keep on saying that am luky to be in her life and also says that she ll cause me just to known hw I react to difficulties/ hardship but always tells me that she loves me and I love her too…………..please, does she love me or I should quit and go in another lady????? Please advice me.

  4. Faith Dandaura Maiwa'azi

    It’s a wonderful thing u say. But kan a person not grow into these fruits? One who’s willing to learn?

  5. I broke up with my ex because of infedility,after two months,I call and plead with her that I still love herand I want her back but she says she can’t date me again.after 1yr 2months,she comes back and say she wants me back while I have already moved on with my life.but the truth is that I still love her.PLEASE WHAT DO I DO.

  6. Mary Edwin

    Am in a relationship with a guy. I love him but he alway want us to have phone sex. I don’t want to do.

  7. Emmanuel

    I am in a serious relationship with a lady i luv so much… infact i can’t do without her. but the problem here is that we consentaully took a blood oath together… and we still luv each other uptill date. pls what is the nature or the validity of my relationship? does it have any consequences? if yes what do i do pls we need your advice we are aspiring to marry each other… thks Sir

  8. matta

    Am marriage but my husband always make me cry ,he does not have time for me always watching television till midnight.He always find fault in anything i do.we got two kids i want to leave the marriage but for the sack of our kids am still there but am not in my home.what should i do.

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