The Real Definition Of Success.

The Real Definition Of Success.

If you open any magazine or watch television, you will see men and women who are referred to as successful. These people are rich and have excelled in their calling. They define Success as having money, material possessions, being famous and powerful.

Many people define their lives by the media’s myopic definition of success. They live their lives in an attempt to become like the artistes, politicians, entertainers, preachers, business men and women who are famous. They define their lives by how much money they have acquired or how much material stuff they own. Basically, they define success in financial and materialistic terms. Unless they have enough stuff and money, they feel that they are unsuccessful or to put it plainly, failures. Because of such a definition of success, many are driven by covetousness and greed in an attempt to measure up to the media’s definition of success.

Motivational preaching has also made things worse for many people. Preachers encourage covetousness and greed under the guise of ‘prosperity’ and success. Many Christians have been entrapped by a philosophy which teaches them that ‘God wants you to have stuff and have more stuff.’ This is an error. God wants you to live a life of contentment.

In Luke 12:15, Jesus said, ‘Take heed and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things which he possesses.’ He meant that real success has nothing to do with how much money or material stuff you have accumulated. Your value as a person has nothing to do with how much money you have in the bank or how much stuff you have or how famous you are. Real success is how rich your are in relation to the Kingdom and God’s plan for you. Your value should be defined by God and His Word not by any man or group of people.

God is against covetousness in our lives. In 1Timothy 6, the Bible says that Godliness with contentment is great gain. In Hebrews 13:5 it says that your lifestyle should be without covetousness and you should be content with what you have. So what does contentment mean? Does it mean living an austere, penniless and broke life? Does it mean living without and struggling to make ends meet? No it doesn’t. Contentment means living within the ambit of God’s grace, gift and calling for your life. It means living an authentic life defined by God and not by the media, the world or a preacher. Contentment is living a full, satisfied, peaceful and happy life within the boundaries of your gift and calling.

Comparing yourself with other people is foolish-2Corinthians 10:12. Self comparison is insane. Why? We all are gifted, graced and called to do different things with our lives. For instance, it is foolish to compare myself to a gifted footballer like Lionel Messi. I am not gifted in any way to be a footballer. Many people waste their lives in a futile pursuit to be what and who they are not and this makes them unhappy and very miserable.

Comparison and covetousness will make you undermine your gift, grace and calling and make you wish to be someone else. Contentment is recognising what you have been blessed with and using it to make an impact. Abraham followed God’s plan for his life. He was rich, he was not covetous and he walked in contentment. He refused to covet or envy sinners-Psalm37:1. You can read Abraham’s story in Genesis 14:23. He was careful to follow God’s plan and purpose for his life. You can do the same.

Success should be defined in line with what you have been gifted, graced and called to do with your life. It should never be defined by materialism. If you follow God’s plan for your life, you will be successful. If you don’t follow God’s specific plan for your life but allow covetousness drive you into materialism, you may look successful to the world, but in the light of scripture, you will be a failure.




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13 responses to “The Real Definition Of Success.

  1. It’s really factual, Ȋ̝̊ love it. More anointing sir.


    Praise george you have spoken very well,what you have said is the right. Thing for every man to emulate.the reason so many people involves their self in coruption is because of greed and the quest to get rish very fast,as you have rightly said that success is not the amout of money you have or the material things u have acquired.for me success is when u are at peace with yourself,your fellow humans and with your creator(God) that is when one will he or she is successful in life.I want to use this medium to request for article on single men not only single ladies thanks and God richely bless u.

  3. Pastor Anthony Odita

    God bless you sir for such a wonderful note and for correcting such kind of madness at a time like this., of a truth the end is near.Keep it up sir and be strenghten God bless you.

  4. oluchi ofoegbu

    sir thank u 4 dis note on covetousness and comparism. I’m a student and i’ve not been happy with my results so far. I’v found out that i excel in English and literature courses also in biological courses, basically courses that have to do with reading and people but when it comes to other courses that involve calculation like maths,chem n so on, i struggle with them. The problm is that i need to excel in them 2 graduate with a gud rslt. I’v bin feeln like a failure because it seems ‘intelligent people’ excel in dese courses. I dnt knw wat 2 do 2 improve my grades

    • If you must excel, then you should find people who are good at these subjects to coach you.


      my candid advice is that u should be focus on ur strong point. turn ur bk on ur weaknesses cos if u concentrate on what u don’t hv you may end up loosen what u have. peace.

  5. Ekejima Emmanuel E.

    This is wonderful, edifying and touching, may God almighty in His infinite mercy have mercy upon us and our new generational preachers amen. thanks so much sir.


    Your books re transforming.
    If i read, i keep imagining.
    Your WORDS kip me reasoning.

  7. Ubong Peter

    This is a great insight sir. I have always treasured your words of wisdom.
    Success is truly becoming all that God has created you to be. After-all, He is the one who will measure how successful you are.





  10. Thank you 4 your inspirational words of wisdom.your writings have made me adifference in life am now a university graduate imagine from a poor family. simply bse of you i made it.may God bless you sir.

    Great thanks to you sir job welldone!may the almighty God bless you.

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