For Singles. Discerning Deception.

For Singles. Discerning Deception.

1. In life, many people pretend to be what and who they are not. Many people live a lie.  Some of these people may want to bring that lie into your life, therefor you must learn to be more discerning.

2. Whenever a lady or a guy tells me that they had a terrible experience with someone they wanted to get married to, I always ask, ‘What did you ‘sense’ around this person?’ Things just don’t happen to us. Somehow, we sense them before they happen. In some cases, we even discover the lie but try to hide or mend it but it never works.

3. In Genesis 27:22 Isaac said: ‘The voice is Jacob’s but the hands are the hands of Esau.’ This was a classic case of deception. Whenever what he/she says doesn’t add up, doesn’t make sense or is just plain suspicious, there may be deception going on and you have to be careful. She may have the sexiest body you’ve ever seen but her heart may be stone cold: don’t fall for the deception. She’s out to cause you massive pain. He may be rich but have a harem of ladies: he is dangerous. He will make your life miserable.

4. You may be in a relationship with someone whose words and actions are contradictory. She says this man is her ‘uncle’, yet you see and hear the way she relates with him that he is more like a ‘sugar daddy.’ Something is wrong. He says she is just a ‘friend’, yet you observe that their relationship may just be beyond that. Something is wrong. Don’t ignore the signals.

5. Deception can be discerned if you allow the Lord to guide you. When that guy says you should give him a large amount of money which you know he has no means of repaying, that should raise a red flag and let you know that deception is around the corner. When she spends more money than she earns, something is wrong. Unless she planted a money tree in her backyard, she’s getting the money from men. Don’t ignore it.

6. God is not the authour of confusion. If your relationship is besieged with confusion, problems, fights and lack of peace, God is not in it. You have been deceived. If your partner has a doggy character, you will never know peace in that relationship.

7. When God is in it, there will be peace in your heart, peace in your relationship, peace in your lives. You cannot force peace. You cannot manufacture peace. It is foolish to struggle with a relationship which has no peace. The wise thing is to let it go.

8. God wants the best for you. Whatever plan you have in your heart for yourself, I want to assure you that God’s plan is FAR better than it. He loves you and wants you to have a happy relationship, marriage and family.

9. It is not in your place to try to change a man or woman. You cannot change this person you are dating. If you do notice that deception is taking place in this person’s life, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let this person know your mind and let him/her go. To remain in deception is foolish and potentially dangerous.

10. When you are in a relationship with the right person, there will be honesty, openness,mutual understanding, peace and enhanced happiness.




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14 responses to “For Singles. Discerning Deception.

  1. bel

    Thank you for number 7! I needed to hear that. Pls d mails don’t come completely. Is there anyway we can have it so it can be forwarded to others. Thanx! God Bless!

  2. Moradeke

    Thanks alot n God bles

  3. chiugo

    pls how do i get ur email address,i need to write u

  4. Blessing

    I really love all ur write up God will u amen.

  5. lesley lovala

    i do enjoy 6 to10 its great i went throu that i had no peace in my relationship i had lots of doubts but yet i ignored this feelx knowx i cld change my him but at the long end we still broke up cuz it wasnt workx at all no peace

  6. joy panam

    God bless you sir

  7. Kelly

    PG you are right. we often discern that something is wrong before it happens but as women, we get too emotional and ignore the red flags. I have learnt not to ignore them. Let me give you an example, i met a guy who was pursuing me madly, then he dropped 2 or 3 hints ever so lightly about my investing in his business! Haba! I wasn’t even dating him yet! I knew what he was after and shut the door firmly on the negro’s surprised face. I’m not saying one should be overly suspicious, but God always leaves clues for us. Problem is we refuse to admit that we saw them. I often tell people, God will open the door of escape, but it’s our choice to walk through the door…

  8. Erinah

    thank you so much ,is there a particular place in Uganda where i can get your books.

  9. Olubunmi

    Very insightful, thank you!

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