For Single Ladies. Preparation, Opportunity and Marriage

For Single Ladies. Preparation, Opportunity And Marriage.

1. Marriage is for the prepared. When preparation meets opportunity, something great happens. If you are not prepared, opportunity may just pass you by.

2. There’s internal preparation. This has to do with working on your character issues. This is very important if you want to keep a man long term. Two things you must fix above all others is anger and pride. Queen Vashti in the book of Esther lost her King because of arrogance. The Bible says a contentious woman cannot keep a man. Work on your temper and stay humble.

3. There’s external preparation which includes working on the way you look, the way you dress and the way you relate with people. You cannot dress like a ‘street girl’ but expect to marry a King. It just won’t happen.

4. If you are good internally but you are terrible externally, it may take a miracle to attract a man into your life because men are moved by what they see. If you are a Queen inside but dress like a pauper, it will take forever to distinguish you from the crowd.

5. If you are good externally but terrible internally, you may attract a man but you will be unable to keep him in a relationship. Character is what keeps a man with you.

6.When your external and internal preparation are in sync, then you are ready to connect with your man. You cannot FAKE or rush this process. It’s either you are prepared or you are not.

7. The unprepared will always miss out on great opportunities to connect with a good man. It is already too late to ‘fix’ yourself when you meet the man. You should do the fixing before you meet him.

8. Preparation also has to do with your social life. You cannot say that you are prepared when nobody knows that you exist. What is even worse is for the ‘wrong men’ to notice that you exist. Part of your preparation-like Ruth-is to position yourself where you can connect with the right man. A king is not found in a ‘slum.’ May God give you wisdom.

9. The best preparation is your prayer life and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. God knows where your man is. God will guide you to your man-as long as you are prepared-and guide your man to you.God will bring your man to you. It’s best to always stay prepared.

10. If you want to connect with a King,like Esther, you must prepare yourself for him. When a prepared Queen meets her prepared King, there’s always instant recognition and connection. May God give you understanding.




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11 responses to “For Single Ladies. Preparation, Opportunity and Marriage

  1. Salamatu Amadu

    Mr. Goerge, thanks for being there for us and showing us the right way to be a perfect ladies. Infact i really enjoy reading your books, May God give you long life.

  2. Japharable

    Man, U̶̲̥̅̊ are good and a gift 2our generation and generation yet unborn

  3. Blessing

    Thanks 4 dat advice many ladies re nt prepare yet they re praying 4 a life partner. I pray dat God l’ll give them wisdom amen.

  4. MacBonny

    A vry luvly, Candid nd mature one for the matured mind. Tym happened to them all that are prepared to settle down for lyf. Not those who are out weighed by material things nd jumping frm one man to anoda. May God give d serious minded men of their dreams. For preparation beget bst march.

  5. olawale falana

    Thank you for eyes opening

  6. confidence emmanuel

    i like this is really encouraging and good lecture 4 singles. Thank u so much Man of God.

  7. helen ikpang

    this is really inspiring,informative and educative.

  8. Fortune Andinyanga

    luv dis

  9. Esther

    God richly bless u for such an inspiring message.

  10. Deborah

    Accurate and precise. Keep up the good work. God bless you!

  11. Madubuko gift

    Tanx alot sir, i learnt a lot from ur book. Keep it up. GOD bless u

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