Single Ladies. Finding Your Future Partner.

Single Ladies. Finding Your Future Partner.

1. It is NOT GOOD for you to be alone. God wants you to have a good man in your life for friendship, companionship, love and more.

2. Finding a good partner begins with your inner preparation. You will attract who you are, therefore, you should work at improving your character.

3. You cannot choose a partner for yourself.You must learn to pray and allow the Spirit of God to guide you.

4. Not all that glitters is good. Some people may look good on the outside but be totally evil on the inside. Ask the Lord to reveal the man in your life to you.

5. Love should not be forced or coerced. If you can’t give or receive love from this guy, he is not for you. Don’t force it.

6. Are you compatible? Are you in agreement? The Bible says that two cannot walk together unless they agree. It is important that you and this man should be in agreement especially concerning spiritual matters and concerning your dream.

7. A man who is not ready himself cannot be the one for you. A man whose life is in disarray cannot be the one for you. No matter how much you love him, this man will cause you pain. You should focus your attention on that man who is ready himself to settle down. Forget the razzmatazz. Stay focused on real content.

8.Your future partner is that man who brings peace and order into your life. If you are always in disagreement, quarreling or fighting, you are not good for each other.

9. Cast your cares and fears on the Lord in the place of prayer. The Bible says that he who believes will not make haste or be anxious. Don’t allow your emotions push you into desperation. Always walk in peace. If there is no peace, God is not in it. Let it go.

10. When the Queen is ready, her King will appear. Your personal preparation will determine how soon your man manifests in your life. I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom to do the right thing. I pray that a good man will find you in peace.



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11 responses to “Single Ladies. Finding Your Future Partner.



  2. Grace Okon

    Thank you so much Fø̲̣̣я̅ this!!!! You are blessed and lifted Fø̲̣̣я̅ lifting my spirit up with ur post. I really do appreciate you, God bless u abundantly In Jesus Mighty Name,Amen
    Keep up the good work…..

  3. Emmanuel Obasi

    This is a wonderful advice to single ladies. I like that.

  4. Blessing

    I appreciate u 4 all d write up internal nd external need b prepared very well it will one to get attracted 2 d right man thanks.

  5. patt

    PG, u r blessing 2 me personally, I dnt kn hw 2 say thk U. God wil continue 2 give U wisdom, AMEN

  6. epote

    i really appreciate all these kind words of yours and please pray for me to also learn to cast all my fears about getting a life partner on Jesus

  7. Magreth

    Thanks for a good canceling i. Wil try. To follow it inorder to get a good man for me, but how can i determine that this man is for me?

  8. PG gud day 4 sometime now u ve nt b sending post what is happening? Pls l want to get more on relationship nd marriage.

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