Your Relationship: Fix It Before It Gets Broken.

Your Relationship: Fix It Before It Gets Broken.

1. By the time a relationship is immersed in fights, strife and anger, it may be too late to fix it. When all the partners feel is pain and when all they experience are negative emotions, it is the most difficult time to fix that relationship.

2. You should fix a relationship before things ever go wrong. This means you should keep your relationship in what I call a state of ‘CONSTANT SELF-REPAIR.’ All it takes to sink a boat is a small leak that goes undetected until it becomes a massive hole that sinks the boat. It’s the little foxes, not the big ones, that destroy the vine-Songs of Solomon 2:15. We have to nip the little things in the bud before they get out of control.

3. You must realise that your partner is not perfect. You are not in a relationship with a man or woman who has all the answers. You are in a relationship with someone who makes mistakes, sometimes, dumb mistakes. Therefore, your relationship will require fixing, whether you feel like it or not.

4. Before you fix your relationship, you should first of all fix yourself. The person you should concentrate on fixing is NOT your partner but yourself. When you fix your character flaws, it will add value to your relationship.

5. Unless your partner is out to destroy you and all you stand for, you can still redeem your relationship. Unless your partner is an evil genius who has successfully deceived you into an unhealthy relationship, there’s still hope for your relationship.

6. NOTE.If your partner clearly hates you or acts in a manner detrimental to you, your happiness, your dream and your relationship, you shouldn’t bother trying to fix it. You should let it go before it destroys you. Someone who is abusive to you-emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and financial- does NOT like or want you in his/her life. Don’t be foolish: let that person go.

7. Learning to fix a relationship before it gets broken takes great HUMILITY. I have always said that the proud and arrogant will suffer a life of pain and unhappiness. The arrogant can never make a relationship work. It takes humility to accept that you are wrong. It takes humility to apologise to your partner and ask for forgiveness. Without humility your relationship will fail. There’s no redemption, whatsoever, for the arrogant.

8. Right now, I want you to look at areas of your relationship that need fixing. In what areas do you have conflicts? Work on fixing these areas now. Before you tell your partner what needs fixing in his/her life, you should first let your partner know what you have done to fix your own attitude. Show your partner your commitment to the relationship. Our actions teach our partners how to respond to us.

9. I want to encourage you to love your partner in the way he or she understands and values. Do the things that register on the ‘love scale’ of your partner. Find out your partner’s love language. This is simply how your partner receives and gives love. Your partner’s love language may be physical touch, words of encouragement, acts of service, gifts or spending quality time. Find out which of these mean a lot to your partner and do more of it.

10. The Bible says that a wise man sees evil afar of and hides himself. It takes wisdom to see potential areas of conflict in your relationship and fix them NOW before they rear their head in the future. When you work on your relationship now, you will enjoy the rewards and blessings now and in the future. May your relationship and marriage be blessed with peace and joy, in Jesus Name.




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8 responses to “Your Relationship: Fix It Before It Gets Broken.

  1. Thank you sir.
    I know I have to work on number 4.

  2. khenih

    I’v bin soh blessed since i subscribed!have got very serious issues wif my relationship!I’m d type dt hardly text/call even my family members knwz dis!each time I’m in any kinda relatnship,i open up by telling dem diis bad part of moi nd dy dnt act asif its gonna be an issue!Buh afta like few wiks or mnth,dy stat complaining abt it!i sewiously dnt knw wat toh do abt dis badPart cos iii dnt fink iii can change.Pls kindly help out.And pls can yu giveme ya personal email addy toh discuss more issues.Tankz for all Post i received frm yu.On Relatnship,Yu moi mentor.

  3. No 4 is the area i need to work on. Thank yo

    This is something else. I need more of this to change my marriage. God bless you,Sir. No 4 is the area i need to work on.

  4. Evelyne Igwe.

    when some one u love is afar of, can that relationship still work.

  5. bunmi

    sir hv been touch by one of d books u 2find a goodman,connect with&kip d man of ur dream.i met a brother in my schol.we lik each other.we r just frnds,not in any relationship,but we r very close recently he said he wants a break,bcos we r too clos.and i lik to keep him!what shuld i do

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