Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

1.When most people think about relationships, they think about the pleasures, the good times and the fun part. A lady fantasizes about going out on a great date or being on an exotic beach with her man. A guy has images of the first kiss planted on the luscious lips of this lady he really likes. No one thinks about responsibilities.

2. Hollywood presents a relationship to us as something that just happens. Boy meets girl and they like each other. Then the fun begins. It’s a big party till the end of the movie. Good stuff happens thereafter. Nothing could be further from the truth.

3. If we want to enjoy our relationship, we must be ready to take on the necessary responsibilities which guaranty the enjoyment of the rewards we expect from the relationship. If we are not willing to take on the responsibilities, we should not expect to enjoy the rewards.

4. For the married person reading this article, on the scale of importance,your marriage comes immediately after your relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. Every other thing follows your marriage. If you put your job, money, friends, career, or even church activities before your marriage, you won’t enjoy the rewards and blessings of a relationship. Your relationship will suffer and become malnourished.

5. For instance, If you want to enjoy great sex in your marriage, then you must take care of daily responsibilities like paying the bills and other issues concerning the running of your family. There can be no great sex when your wife or husband is constantly worried about bills and the unpaid mortgage. There can be no great sex if your home is in disarray and you are too irresponsible to take care of your home. You want your husband to buy you a new car-a reward-but you don’t want to take on the responsibility of making your home beautiful.

6. Responsibility in a relationship is about service to your partner. It is about giving the best of yourself to this person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Such service should be done in a spirit of love and humility. When you render selfless service to your partner, you will create an atmosphere for love to blossom and you will enjoy the rewards of such service. Such service starts by making an eternal commitment to the manifestation of the dream, vision and calling of your partner.

7. Lady, if you want a man to devote his time, resources and energy to you, then you should be ready to be a blessing to him in the very best way that you can. Be there for him. Listen to his dream, his pain, his fears. Speak words of encouragement to his heart and vision. Such a man will naturally want you to remain in his life and he will do all that he can to make it happen.

8. The arrogant will never know true happiness or peace. The arrogant are destined to a life of pain. If you feel too big to be in a relationship with your partner, if you feel that you are doing your partner a big favour by being in the relationship, you will not bring yourself to serve your partner, therefore, you will never enjoy that relationship. The arrogant manufacture their own pain by their refusal to serve their partner. If you feel you are too beautiful, too intelligent, too successful, too rich for your partner, you have condemned yourself to a life of pain. I will suggest that you exit this relationship now before it gets really bad for you.

9. It takes more than money to make a relationship work. Your physical presence is sometimes more important than a whole box of money. A lady understands this statement instinctively. A man finds it hard to comprehend. Don’t get me wrong, money is important. I am sure the ladies will appreciate a man showing more care financially. However, there are things that money cannot buy. Your physical presence, your words, your touch, are more important to the nourishment of the emotional ecological system of a woman than money.

10. When we invest in our relationships, we will enjoy the rewards of peace and enhanced happiness. Many people are myopic; they only see the present and do not understand that their service to their spouse or partner today will reap a harvest of great rewards for their relationship tomorrow. If you want to enjoy a successful and happy relationship, be willing to take on the responsibility of service.




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11 responses to “Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

  1. abiola

    A big shout out to my man for breakfast in bed this morning. The physical presence is very important…the best memories I have involve the quiet times we spend together gisting and sharing. Money can’t buy that.

  2. Awesome we all need to know what is more important being in a relationship. May God give us the wisdom we need and cherise the teaching of Pastor George. Just want to remind you Ps you are a true blessing, I cannot wait for my partner that God has in His mind for me. Blessings

  3. Tade

    U re indeed a blessing to me. My day isnt complete without readin ur post.God bless u sir!

  4. he cares

    grt talk!

  5. Sowale Adetayo

    What a prolific piece enough to bind every broken relationship particularly marriage pieces in to a state of peace.i believe praise george has been a to let u knw dat startin out relationshp on emotion is gonna b deadend.besides,relationship is responsibility. PRAISE GEORGE DAT WAS PROFOUND.

  6. Am so blessed.
    Please can I share this via my Blog (with all references in place)?
    Thank you.

  7. alsia

    Yes, money cannot buy the quality time we spend together in our relationship. thanks for your words of encouragement and may God bless you.

  8. Am in luv with a girl i hardly know

    Pastor praise u are doing a grate job i just finished reading one of your books i must comen your effort may God bless you in jesus name AMEN

  9. God richly bless you Pastor George

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