For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

1. To honour yourself is to respect, give regard to and highly esteem yourself. If you don’t honour yourself, it is doubtful if any man will ever honour you.

2. To honour yourself is to see yourself worthy of having a good man-no- a great man in your life. When you see yourself worthy of being in such a relationship, you will think, talk and act like someone deserving of such honour.

3. How do you dishonour yourself? You dishonour yourself by being in a relationship with someone whom you think is not good enough for you. You dishonour yourself by allowing fear cloud your mind and make you act foolishly and desperate.

4. You dishonour yourself when you  lie to get a man. You dishonour yourself when you pretend to be someone or something you are not in order to get a man. You dishonour yourself by living a lie to deceive the man you are interested in. The problem with a lie is that it will be exposed, eventually. Be yourself in a relationship and honour yourself.

5. Living above your means just to impress people or a man is dishonouring yourself. You are better than that. Living with integrity is honouring yourself.

6. You dishonour yourself when you BEG a man to remain in a relationship with him. You use your money to beg him and still he rejects you. This man detests you. He loathes you. He doesn’t want to be with you but like a 21st century slave, you beg to keep him in a relationship with you. Dear lady, that is dishonouring yourself.

7. You dishonour yourself by using your body to negotiate with a man. You use sex to manipulate, seduce and delude him into entering a relationship with you or staying with you. You give him so much sex that the guy begins to wonder what you really do for a living. To keep a man, you need much more than sex. You need to bring real value to the relationship.

8. Dishonouring yourself in an attempt to keep a man breaks your spirit. It totally humiliates you. It makes you feel less than you really are. It drives you more into self loathing and low self esteem. Dishonouring yourself is emotionally devastating.

9. You can begin to honour yourself today by seeing yourself as good enough, beautiful enough, intelligent enough, successful enough, spiritual enough to find a man, keep a man and be a blessing to a man in a mutually rewarding and and peaceful relationship. You don’t have to dishonour yourself to find a man.

10. If you have dishonoured yourself by compromise, it will be extremely difficult for that man to treat you with honour, but it is still possible. I want you to ask the Lord for wisdom, to show you how to relate with your man with honour. Living with honour builds a strong foundation for your relationship.




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6 responses to “For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

  1. Tade

    U touch my life each time i read ur post.I will rili like to discuss an issue with u if u dont mind

  2. Grace Louis

    You are my mentor Sir!

  3. ayomide adewunmi

    I have read ALL the artilces and am thoroughly blessed by them all. You have succinctly articulated the way to go for the single ladies. A lot of the writings i can relate to as they formed my guiding light when I went through “that” tunnel and followed them all even though I did not realise at the time that I was being guided by God. Over to you Ladies, please apply those principles especially the bit that has to do with the fFruit of Love nad choices, you will be happy you did. God bless you, praise George for your sharing.

  4. jacob davies

    God bless u i am now crying, can i get your number pls to help me.

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