For Single Ladies. You Cannot Change That Guy.

For Single Ladies. You Cannot Change That Guy.

1. The first rule of a relationship is to know yourself. The second is to know the person you want to get involved with.

2. Many ladies don’t even bother to know themselves before they jump into a relationship with a guy. If you have no idea who you are, what you like, what your talents are, what kind of man you want in your life, in what direction your life is headed, how on earth will you be able to choose a guy whom you will connect and be compatible with?

3. If you don’t take time to know the guy you are interested in having a relationship with, how can you tell if he will be a blessing or a curse to you?

4. Some ladies make the mistake of ‘going with the flow.’ They meet a guy and they become emotionally attracted to him but totally ignore his character. They fail to find out who he is before they become totally committed to him. They allow their emotions lead them into certain pain.

5. After making the initial mistake of entering into a senseless relationship with a man you don’t know well enough, you make the mistake of ignoring his character flaws or try to cover them up. Such cover up is a certain path to pain. You cannot have a great relationship with a godless man no matter how ‘nice’ such a man is.

6. When a man reveals who he is to you, stop trying to defend him. Accept him for who he is and ask yourself: ‘can I live with this man the way he is?’ If your answer is no, don’t waste your energy with such a man.

7. Some ladies not only play ‘cover up’ but they delude themselves into thinking that they have what it takes to change a man. They tell themselves that love can change that man with a crooked character. Your love cannot change a man. The only person who can change a man is God and that man must be willing to change because of himself, not because of you.

8. A relationship based on such delusion is destined to end badly. You cannot change a man. No matter how loving and caring you are, a man will not change because of you. Some ladies even try to use money and sex to change a man, but they discover, like millions of women before them, that you cannot change a man.

9. Instead of forcing yourself on a ‘bad guy’, why don’t you look for a good man whom you will have very little or no problems with in your relationship? Why try to change something bad when you can connect with something good from the very beginning?

10. When a woman tells me about a ‘bad relationship’, I ask her why she ignored the visible signs that told her that such a relationship was a bad idea in the first place? Instead of forcing yourself on a bad relationship because it is ‘available’, you should trust the Lord to bring a good man with a well developed character into your life.




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13 responses to “For Single Ladies. You Cannot Change That Guy.

  1. edgar monjeza

    Tell them George. And u ladies listen. A wise person listens to instructions.

  2. Blessing

    Whao! There is am adage dat says ‘if monkey goes to Abroad it is still monkey’ gud woman sh nt enter into a relationship believing dat she can change d man is nt possible thanks.

  3. abiola

    Like I heard a marriage counsellor say once, what you see now is likely to get seven times worse with familiarity, so if you think you can handle that, go ahead. It’s a matter of going into a relationship with eyes wide open.

  4. great. fabian

    I love these wise relationship advice. Ladies must learn how 2 be good frnds wit d guys dey tink they lk 1st b4 they fall cheaply all in the name of love.

  5. Please help me sir,want to breakup with my boyfrnd.he was a strong commitd christian bt has backslidn.God is nolonger in his heart anymore………

  6. esther

    I have been in this relationship with two kids and still, the father of my kids is still the same way. I was reading what you wrote up there that if we don’t know who are getting married to, then you are not sure of who to marry. I thought I could change him initially, but now, I have been the greatest mistake maker of the century. I want out at all cost. please advise me.

  7. rahima1989


  8. Never knew you wrote this much books sir. I am writing a series on single Ladies, single men, married men, married women, teens, and married couples. I was shocked to see that you have written so much on this. More grace sir. 50 books… Hmmmmmm

  9. Adam

    Sir how can we get your books except from Genesis Bookshop cause we are unable to get it from there last time… pls give us direct address to your office in Lagos/Ogun State. Thank once again Sir

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