For Single Ladies. Lady, It Is Love, Not Slavery.

For Single Ladies. Lady, It Is Love, Not Slavery.

1. Contracting or entering into a relationship with a guy should be your own decision. It should be something you want for yourself, not what someone else wants for you.

2. You shouldn’t be coerced, forced or bought into a relationship. If you are not in this relationship of your own free will and volition, you should get out of it as fast as you can.

3. You should at least LIKE this guy you want to enter into a relationship with. If you don’t, you won’t be able to handle the situations that test the veracity of your claim of love.

4.Love is a choice. If you choose to give your heart to this man, it should be something you want to do. You should never ‘love’ out of pity or fear. There’s no fear in love.

5.If this guy truly loves you, he will treat you with honour and respect. A man who doesn’t respect you does not love you. Giving you money and loving you are not the same thing.

6. You are not his slave. If you feel like you have no voice, no say, no influence in the relationship, then you might just be there as a ‘trophy girl friend.’ ….to be seen, used and not taken seriously.

7. For some sick reason, some ladies don’t care if they are not heard or taken seriously. They don’t mind the abuse. All they want is just to be in a relationship, at any cost. They are desperate to remain in a relationship no matter how abusive it may be.

8. Some ladies have become sex machines, dispensing sex any time he demands for it. They are not married to him and marriage is not even a topic of discussion. They have deluded themselves to think that by slavishly satisfying his sexual desires they will get married to him. Giving a man sex will not make him like you, want you, love you or get married to you. At best, it will make you a nice topic of discussion when he hangs out with his friends.

9. If you feel used, taken advantage of, and abused, you should immediately seek help from a counselor. Don’t allow such abuse to continue in your life. If this man doesn’t love you enough to nurture, provide, protect, respect and honour you, he doesn’t deserve you.

10. God loves you just the way you. You don’t need to do anything extra to be accepted by God. You have been accepted in the beloved. Ephesians 1:6. You are worthy of a good man, in a good relationship. You deserve to be happy. You don’t have to be his slave to be accepted and loved.




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4 responses to “For Single Ladies. Lady, It Is Love, Not Slavery.

  1. Jimohsamson

    Tanx sir,but i need more counsel on finding&knowing d right partner 4my life.Tanx&luv u sir

  2. Christina Dinda

    I truely agree wth ths

  3. abiola

    Hard truths!!! Self worth is seeing yourself through God’s eyes. You are precious enough to die for….even all the hairs on your head are accounted for. Never let anyone rubbish that or make you feel less than God made you.

  4. Maureen tyough

    I love this. Is an eye opener. Thanks Praise George.

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