For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

When a woman says no, it means that she’s not interested in you. Instead of pushing and hanging around her just to make her change her mind, you should ask yourself the reason why.

She may say no because you are not her type. You should go look for your type. No matter how hot you think you are, some women will never go on a date with you. You are not God’s gift to all women. Be humble. Go look for your type.

She may say no because she is still making up her mind. When it comes to dating, a woman may have several questions she wants answered. You shouldn’t force the process, let her take her time and give you an answer when she’s ready.If she never gets back to you, take it that her answer is no and let it go.

Please read my article on rejection, it will set you free. When a woman consistently tells you no, you should see it as God saving you from future disaster. Don’t persist in pursuing her. Let her go.

Don’t try to change her mind by giving her material things or pouring money on her. If you do, it will be throwing your money away. A lady you buy with your money is not the woman you want to live with for the rest of your life. If you can buy her, so can another man. She should want you for who you are and nothing more.

So that we are clear; when a woman says no to any form of sexual advances from you, she means exactly what she says.She means ‘No, don’t touch me, I am not interested in having sex with you, get lost, don’t ever raise this subject again unless I do.’ She is not shy, coy or playing hard to get. She is not interested. Period. Let’s move on.

Don’t try to force her in any way to make out with you. Using any form of force is not ‘persuading’ her, it is rape. If you coerce her in any way to make out with you, that is rape even if you and the lady think it isn’t.

Real men don’t coerce women into sex.

The lady you are in a relationship with is not your property; you don’t own her. When she tells you to stop and go no further, you should listen to her.

Don’t use the famous loser’s line:’If you love me, you should prove it by making out with me.’ She doesn’t have to prove anything to you. In fact being with you after what you just said is a very bad idea.

When a woman tells you no, you shouldn’t waste your energy pursuing her. Life is too short to be stupid. There are millions of other women out there, surely there’s one among them who will like you for who you are.

Don’t get obsessed with her and think that without this particular lady in your life , you will be unhappy. This is a lie you should never fall for. There’s a good woman out there who will enhance your life and happiness.  If you like this particular lady but she doesn’t like you, dude don’t force it: look elsewhere.




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6 responses to “For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

  1. Also in some or most cases when a woman says no to a proposal from a man it could mean she is already engaged…but there was this lady that agreed 4 a man (a “long-term” friend) despite telling this man that she had someone already:-)

  2. Blessing

    I luv dat article, men ve d spirit of persistence, even when d lady refuse his proposal he will never give up cos they believe dat some ladies will later accept again. Bt relationship sh nt b a thng of force. I also advice men wh a lady reject ur proposal see to it dat God has prepare a better woman 4 u, count it all joy. Thanks.

  3. Fortune Andinyanga

    wat of d case she love u but want to say no, so dat it wil nt look as if she was wait for u to ask her …… D guy shd quite

  4. Adebowale

    What of if she lyk u and she said no for d 1st approach so dat she won’t look lyk cheap girl. and she would be expecting d guy to come back again.

  5. Abidemi Raji

    If a man is in love with a lady but the lady tell him that she can’t double date and have a slight interest in the man what can the man do to make the lady be is own and leave the other man.

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