For Ladies. Shut Up! It Can Save Your Relationship

For Ladies. Shut Up! It Can Save Your Relationship.

1. A relationship can be a blessing or a curse to you depending on how you handle it. Your objective should be to ensure that your relationship is an all round blessing to you. A wise woman BUILDS her home with her words of wisdom and the foolish makes sure that she tears it down with her foolish words.

2. One way to ensure that your relationship is a blessing is to watch what you say. Your words can make or break your relationship. Your words can build or destroy your relationship. It is up to you to decide what you want your words to do in your relationship. It is not everything that pops into your head during an argument that you say. Learn to hold back and shut your mouth.

3. If you don’t learn to control your temper, you may well destroy with your words what has taken you many years to build. In a fit of temper, you may say stuff that cannot be retracted and that would mark the end of your relationship. Your objective therefore should be to learn to control your temper.

4. You should learn to say what’s on your mind without bringing permanent damage to your relationship. No matter how upset your are, remember that your relationship is more valuable to you than the present situation or crisis you are facing. This crisis will pass away, but it is what you say now that will determine if your relationship survives it.

5. I am sure that you love your man and you want the best for your relationship. My advice is that you should select your words carefully with wisdom. If you are upset, calm down before talking over the matter with him. Let your words be with honour and respect.

6. You are a godly woman, you should therefore put God first. Pray about every situation before talking it over with your man. Listen to divine wisdom and let the Lord give you the right words that will bring peace, not turbulence, to your relationship. If you feel overwhelmed by your situation, you should seek counsel from OLDER and wise women. Avoid taking relationship advice from your friends because you all function on the same level of wisdom. Never discuss your issues with people who have no wisdom to help you resolve it. Stop using your mouth to damage your life.

7. Months after you resolved this situation, your words will still be remembered. If you are wise, and I am sure you are, you will make sure that you handle this situation in such a way that your man will honour and respect you for the rest of his life. May God give you understanding.




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9 responses to “For Ladies. Shut Up! It Can Save Your Relationship

  1. Benneth Tessy

    O yes! I totally agree with you on that.

  2. Blessing

    Thanks 4 d post d best way to make relationship is to study each other weakness nd correct wh love also one sh ve self control finally keep d relationship wh allowing third party. Bless u sir.

  3. Amen Sir.
    Thank you so much for this once again.
    In the heat of arguments, we can say terrible things in the name of being sincere…I have learnt this today.

  4. johnnny

    Big Bro, thanks so much oooooooooooo

  5. abiola

    Like my wise husband used to say to me in the early days ‘do you want to be right or do you want to be happy’. It took a while but I got the message.

  6. loyce atieno

    @ Praise George thank you so much i think this post was ment for me, am 8 months in marriage & we always argue alot with ma partner simply bcoz i always want to b the one wins an arguement n i always pinpoint small mistake. at least today i’ve learn to shut up.

  7. emmanuella

    May God help me in Jesus, Amen

  8. christine

    am so blessed with this piece of write up,.. b’cos have got temper when am angry…

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