For Single Ladies. Let Him Go.

For Single Ladies. Let Him Go.

A relationship should be a blessing to you. It should add value to your life and enhance your happiness. It isn’t a life sentence to pain. Some ladies have been hoodwinked by Hollywood to expect pain in their lives as part of their relationship. They experience so much turbulence with their man that you would really wonder if someone wasn’t out to punish them for the sin they committed!

Some ladies suffer abuse daily in their relationship and they think it is a normal part of life. It isn’t. They suffer emotional, verbal, financial, spiritual abuse, but instead of leaving their abusive partner, they hold on tenaciously to the relationship.

Some ladies have become used to pain in their relationship. They wake up with pain; go to sleep with pain; live with pain daily. In fact, if you don’t bring pain into their lives, they think that something is wrong with you. They try to silence the pain with sex, parties, shopping, career success and drugs, but it doesn’t work. What will work is to simply let go.

A relationship is a commitment to the well being of your partner. It is a commitment to the happiness and fulfillment of your partner. You and your partner are in a pact to improve, bring value to and enhance the quality of your lives. If this is not happening, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong with that relationship.

Ask yourself this simple question: ‘Since I met this guy, what has happened in my life? Has the quality of my life improved? What has been the emotional, spiritual, mental change that has taken place in my life? Am I a better person now? Am I happier now and more at peace? Has this man been a blessing or a curse to me?’ The answer to this question stares you in the face daily. You can lie to everyone, but lady please, don’t lie to yourself.

Struggling with an unhealthy relationship is foolish. Why? You cannot change any man or woman. People DO NOT CHANGE. What you see is what you get. If this man makes you miserable now, guess what he will do to you 5 years from now? If he tortures you emotionally now, it will only get worse tomorrow. If he is an abuser, the abuse will only get worse.

I am talking to you now like my very own sister. Leave this monster to whom you have become emotionally or sexually attached. Leave this misery alone and believe God for a better man who will treat you with the honour and respect you deserve. Some of you have been so emotionally battered that you think no man but this monster will accept you. It is sad but there are beautiful and successful women who have become slaves because they do not know any better.

If you will cry out to The Lord Jesus today and ask him to set you free from this evil relationship, you will receive an answer of peace. The Lord will make a way for you to leave in peace. Some of you who have tried and failed to leave this monster will be surprised that this guy who has sworn never to let you go will be the one to throw you out. Such rejection should be welcomed with joy. That guy will set you free from bondage and give you your life back. When this happens, don’t hesitate or waste another second, walk through the doors of freedom and never look back.

I pray that every power of manipulation, delusion, seduction that has been employed against you be broken. May every form of sexual, spiritual and financial manipulation used against you be broken over your life in Jesus Name. May you be set free from this evil relationship and released to be found by a good man who will love you for who you are and be a blessing to you.




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20 responses to “For Single Ladies. Let Him Go.

  1. femi

    Na true talk my should not be do or die afair….

  2. Blessing

    Thank u very much praise George wh u just sent to me is wh i just pass through am into relationship 4 one yr bt he just told me dat he is committed to a girl in his church bt l God we re nt involve in sex so am letting go thank u sir.

  3. Wonderful. Very edifying and can be applicable for friendships and other relationships.

  4. Ogunsina Lekan


  5. Kalu ik

    I so much like this, i hipe to be a contributor any time any day.

  6. Benneth Tessy

    Wow! I agree with you in all you said about “Let Him Go”.But pleas I want you to help me with this…there is this guy,we started as friends and now he want’s me to be his woman.He loves me so much that he’s ready to do anything for me,bt I don’t love him…I only like him as a friend nd see him as one too.Pleas help me cos I don’t know what to do.

    • If you only like him as a friend, then keep him as a friend, nothing more. Don’t be forced into something you don’t want.

      • Benneth Tessy

        Thank you very much Sir,I really appreciate it.But Sir,we got to talk about this whole issue and he told me that God spoke to him about us.Sir he sounded really serious and I prayed about it seriously asking God to speak to me,show me a sign and make me feel the way he’s feeling cos I’m a strong christian who has a way of hearing from God.But I still see as a friend.

  7. Mwiche Agness Mumpuka

    True dat daddy.Ladies wake up.Enaf is enaf.Was 1ce a victim bt nt anymor.Just remember u arnt med up of him nd let him go.God wil bring yo way da 1 he ordained 4u nd he shall giv u peace.Ther is so muc mor abot me.No cheatr or loser deservs me.

  8. Ada

    Hello Mr Praise, I just recently let him go. It took a lot of courage to finally make the decision and stick to it. I would like to know if there is a number I can contact you with so I can tell you the whole story because I want a different opinion from friends that I’m making the right decision.

  9. You are such a blessing Sir.
    Thank you for your posts.
    Every time I feel like I can relate with your posts.

  10. heartstalks

    i’m glad i made that decision and let go…

  11. heartstalks

    i am glad i did exactly as u said…

  12. beth

    we hope awas wil b a brsg to us all the way. L.o.v.e you

  13. Chidimma

    Am a hapy lady today b/cos of this.

  14. Mike mutfwang

    As i read your material i discover that all this years i have been in a jail relationship but now the saviour of your book has save me…THANK YOU AND MAY HEAVEN FALL UPON YOU….

  15. Desmond tandoh

    Thank u praise George for ur wonderfull message God bless u

  16. calebogbonna93@yahoo

    do you that you are disencourageing new single ladies.

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