For Men. Making Your Relationship Work.

For Men. Making Your Relationship Work.

1. You should learn to nourish your woman and build her up emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The success of your relationship depends on how well you do this. Study her and find out what works best for her. When you discover this, pour your energy into using it to nourish her.

2. Be genuinely interested in her success. You are a team. There’s no place for competition. Do all you can within your power to help her accomplish her goals. If she’s successful, she will bring that success into the relationship.

3. Enhance her peace and happiness. If she is fearful and has uncertainties about the future, help her see that with God’s help, you will have a great future. Most unhappiness comes as a result of fear of the future. What makes her happy? Bring more of that into her life. However, these things should be positive. If she’s a shopaholic, you cannot afford to support her habit or you will go broke. Do what you can to create an atmosphere of peace in her life.

4. Go out of your way to do something for her that shows that you have been thinking about her. A relationship is a long journey. Learn to invest in your woman and she will respond by bringing your multiplied investment back into the relationship.

5. No one is perfect. Help her work on areas of weakness. Encourage her in the way that she understands. Never make fun of her failures or weaknesses. Be supportive and listen when she talks about her frailties.

6. Protect her. Keep your crazy friends, colleagues and family members away from her. If you hear any negative rumour about her, quell it. Never bring bad news to her hearing. Always protect her emotions. She may be strong, but she’s not as strong as you think she is. Protect her.

7. No matter what happens, never use words to hurt her. Women never forget. 30 years from the day you spoke those words, she will remind you with accuracy at what time of the day you said those words and even describe the weather conditions! If you love her-and love yourself- deliberately speak words that build her up. If you’ve said anything hurtful to her, make sure you apologise as soon as you can. Never postpone fixing your relationship.

8. Pray for her. If you do this regularly, the Lord will show you how to touch areas of her life that need help, healing and encouragement. You should also learn to pray with her as often as you can. Such sessions shouldn’t be prayer marathons, but a heart to heart connection that speaks to heaven. Ask the Lord for direction for your relationship. The Holy Spirit will guide you in the right path. This prayer sessions will cause her to connect with you on a deeper emotional and spiritual level. Always ask the Lord for grace and wisdom to be a blessing to your woman.




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6 responses to “For Men. Making Your Relationship Work.

  1. Blessing

    Whao what a wonderful writ l appreciate u sir 4 dat. U ve said d right thng cos somemen dnt kw how to carry along their relationship. Thanks.

  2. Emoruwa Eunice

    I’ve been richly blessd by d article.May God strengthen ur ministry always.PEACE.

  3. kelechi

    it inspired me

  4. Ohis

    Reading this piece this morning has encouraged me to give my relationship the best shot as God helps me. It can work,if we are willing. More grace sir!

  5. monica miti

    Always feel blessed. We thank God for giving you such wisdom.

  6. Maureen tyough

    My life has been a blessing the i came across ur article. Be strenghten by his grace.

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