Understanding Rejection.

Understanding Rejection.

At this moment in time, there are many people going through severe emotional pain because of Rejection. There are people who have given up on their dream because of rejection. There are single women who have vowed never to get married because of rejection. There are men and women who have become bitter and angry because of rejection. Their are people who are about to throw their whole life away because of rejection.

Rejection occurs when an individual is deliberately excluded from a social relationship or social interaction(Wikipedia). Rejection is refusal to accept you for who you are. It is refusal to accept you on your own terms. The person or those who rejected you, either don’t care about you at all or want to relate with you on their own terms, by their own philosophy and by their own moral code.

Rejection is someone’s personal opinion about you, it isn’t how God sees you or who you are. If you were rejected in a relationship, for whatever reason, that is that person’s opinion, not God’s. If you were fired from a job, that is that company’s opinion, not God’s. Never allow someone’s opinion become the definition of who you are in Christ.

However, rejection is more than people or institutions not wanting you anymore. Rejection is a Kingdom principle which, if you understand and learn to appropriate, can save you from disaster and bring you into God’s plan for your life.

Many people pray for favour. This is good. But has anyone ever imagined that you should also pray for rejection? Before you run off angry, follow me patiently. Rejection and favour work hand in hand. You cannot experience one without the other. However, it is HOW you experience rejection and favour that is really strategic to your life. If you experience favour with the wrong person, you will be on your way to experiencing big problems. On the other hand, if you experience rejection with the right person, your blessings will be ‘locked’ away from you. You are meant to experience rejection with the wrong people and favour with the right people.

Jesus, our Saviour experienced both favour and rejection. There were those who cried Hossana and there were those who screamed, ‘crucify him.’ Both rejection and favour worked to his advantage and benefit. Believers need to grow up and stop being babies who cry and wail at every door of rejection they experience. We should learn to see beyond the rejection to its Divine purpose or what lies beyond it. What is imporatant is not rejection or favour but being centred in God’s will for your life. Both rejection and favour can move you in the direction of your destiny, like Joseph in Genesis 39, if you allow God’s wisdom and Holy Spirit guide you. Joseph was rejected INTO his destiny. Are you getting the picture? Christians are not supposed to be afraid of rejection as long as we know how to ‘manipulate it’ to our advantage and benefit.

Rejection is God telling you that you are with the wrong person, the wrong relationship, the wrong business, the wrong business partner, the wrong idea. Rejection is God telling you that it is time for you to stop, turn back and change direction. It is God telling you to RUN from that place, person or institution. Rejection is God stopping you before you head for a major disaster in your future. It is God delivering you from tragedy in future. Rejection is God telling you that there’s something better in store for you, there’s someone better waiting for you, there’s a better business deal coming your way, there’s a better job or position awaiting you. Rejection is God’s way of removing you from disadvantage and re-positioning you for advantage and superior performance.

Rejection is God’s way of exposing every falsehood in your life. Right now, there are serpents and scorpions in your life pretending to be friends. It is rejection that will expose who they really are. When they manifest themselves, don’t fight them. Just thank the Lord for delivering you from destruction. Rejection is God’s way of protecting you on your path of destiny. Some of us are hard of hearing. God is talking to us each day about changing course but we are still going in the wrong direction. To save us, God will allow rejection to awaken us to HIS VOICE. When we feel the pain of rejection, we automatically seek God’s face in prayer. That is when He has our full, total and complete attention, then He speaks to us. Rejection can be a life saver. It can launch you into your destiny in an interesting manner.

Instead of weeping at the door of rejection, we should lift up our eyes and locate the open door of favour that is open before us. Rejection simply tells us that favour is nearby and we should seek it. Instead of weeping over that lost job, contract, relationship, or social position, lift up your eyes right NOW in prayer and ask the Lord for the the right path you should take to enter into your favour.

Favour awaits you today.




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9 responses to “Understanding Rejection.

  1. Naomi

    This is an excellent word Praise. Thank you for all your postings you send out – I read everyone of them and am always blessed by what you have to say. I always receieve some sort of enlightenment or timely reminder – so I sincerely thank you. What you do is very much appreciated. Love & blessings ~ND

  2. 'Bode 'Busuyi

    Wonderful Words!… Really Right!
    Thank you for sharing this Praise!

  3. David Akpan

    Dis postin as realy bless me so much,tank u sir,God wil continue 2 use u 4 dis generatn.

  4. David Akpan

    Tank u sir nd God bless u

  5. monica miti

    Everytime I read these articles I feel so blessed may the good Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and give you wisdom….glory to God.

  6. TM

    Well said, its clear to me now that my door of favour is opened and all i need is to seek insight from GOD to see it….GOD BLESS.

  7. I love rejection great builder of steel back bones to face life

  8. Thank you very much Sir, may God continue to bless and increase you in wisdom, am so blessed from this Article, I never knew that when you are been rejected then God is redirecting your footsteps.
    But how do i cope with churches that keep on rejecting me, should I look for another church that accept me or continue to worship with them

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