For Single Ladies. Why Good Girls Win Good Guys.

For Single Ladies. Why Good Girls Win Good Guys.

Bad girls may have the social skills to attract a man but it is good girls who know how to engage a man in a meaningful, fulfilling way.

Bad girls may have the emotional skills to connect quickly with a man but good girls know how to nurture those emotions.

Bad girls may be sensuous but it is good girls who know that a man’s needs go beyond sensuality. Good girls connect with the soul and spirit of a man. Good girls are prayer centred and bring a spiritual dimension to the relationship which a bad girl will never understand.
Bad girls may offer sex to manipulate a man into a relationship but good girls understand that it takes more than sex to get a real man. They therefore need not bother to manipulate a man sexually. They know that sexual manipulation is not strong enough to keep a man. They offer him a value based character which is more powerful than sex.

Bad girls depend on their physical beauty, so many of them are arrogant. But Good girls are humble. They recognize that it is the Lord that has given them whatever they have and they shouldn’t be arrogant. The humble is the one who gets to keep the man eventually.

Good girls know how to hold an intelligent conversation with a man. They develop their minds by reading, watching good movies, attending seminars.

Bad girls are insolent, disrespectful and brash. They talk ‘any how’ to their man and nag him constantly. But Good girls will communicate with a man with honour and respect and not NAG him to an early grave.

Bad girls may bring temporary excitement to a man but Good girls bring value to the relationship.

Bad girls are a burden to a man. But Good girls employ their talents in the creative process and contribute meaningfully to the relationship. Bad girls know how to manipulate a man for money. They eventually become a burden to the relationship. But good girls bring value to the table. They make the man understand that they are an asset, not a liability.

Bad girls do not understand the concept of marital commitment. They are too restless, jumping from man to man. But a good girl understands that her relationship is long-term. So she patiently builds it.

No matter how hot, sexy, exciting and fun a bad girl is, a good man will always gravitate in the direction of a good girl who will bring him value, give him peace and be a blessing to his life.




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9 responses to “For Single Ladies. Why Good Girls Win Good Guys.

  1. VirtuousQueen

    Wow! I love this! Thank you so much sir. I’m so glad to be an ever-growing, learning/improving good girl; I’ve learnt alot!
    Glory to God!

  2. datong patricia peter

    This is so inspiring n a food for thought

  3. Juliet

    BRAVO! I lv ds article so much,l wish d ladies out deir wl undastnd wat it is al abt.Tanks alot.

  4. Blessing

    Whaoo l luv dat write l ve learnt alot frm all ur articles thank u sir.

  5. Marion

    Thank you so much for this article. It really helped me not to focus on the appearance that much but my worth as a woman.

  6. James Fleke

    Extremely fantastic & educative. I hope our ladies humble themselves to get this beautiful post into their brain & use it for future purposes. NICE ADVICE!

  7. Fred okoroha

    Am really bless with this teaching.

  8. This is very splendid sir. I wish many ‘ayangba’ girls/women will read this and change.

  9. Cynthia

    Thanks for your great words and advice. God bless you sir!

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