For Single ladies. Are You Ready For Your King?

For Single ladies. Are You Ready For Your King?

1. Every single lady wants to get married to a king. Every single lady DESERVES a king. However, not every single lady is WORTHY of a king.

2. What does it mean to be worthy of a king? It means that you have become the person you want to attract into your life. It means that you have become a queen.

3. Many single ladies are simply not ready for their king. If they were as ready as they thought they were, then they would be married by now. But they aren’t, so the wait continues.

4. The truth is that the moment you are ready, no force in the universe will be able to stop you from connecting with your king.

5. All your failed relationships are a sign for you to realise that you are not ready. The pain of your recent relationship mishap should tell you that you are simply not ready. If you were ready, you wouldn’t have wasted your time with such a loser in the first place. You would have seen through his deception.

6. Your inability to discern, and see through a liar, deceiver, time waster, play boy, ‘crazy’, thief, or any other ‘slave-pretending-to-be-king-type’, is a sure sign that you are indeed not ready. Discernment is one sign of a lady who is ready.

7. Instead of writing a long list of what you want to see in your king, write a long list of what your king should SEE in you when he appears. Instead of praying for your king to appear, pray that the Queen in you should manifest. Start that list today. First on your list should be: ‘Lord, make me a woman of Peace.’ Royalty is never attracted to ‘crazy.’

8. You cannot dress, think, talk and act like a like a peasant but miraculously expect a King to be attracted to you. It doesn’t happen that way. Kings don’t move around peasants. When you work at developing those traits, it wouldn’t take long for you to stand out, be singled out, be recognised, be magnetic to your king.

9. A king will never get married to a ‘peasant.’ If you don’t transform yourself into the queen that you are, you will keep attracting peasants. If a ‘peasant type’ wants to date you, just tell yourself that you have more work to do on yourself.

10. Only a king will appreciate the value of a Queen. When you manifest the Queen in you, your King will find you. Your king will want nobody else but you.



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