For Single Ladies. Prayer For Visibility.

For Single Ladies. Prayer For Visibility.

May every shroud covering you be removed.
May your beauty radiate like the morning sun.
May you attract the right people into your sphere of influence.
May you be seen and heard by the right people.
May you come out of obscurity into the light.
May your name be mentioned for good.
May your future partner single you out of a crowd.
May you stand out and not blend in.
May God’s light come upon you and make you radiant.
Like Ruth may you be noticed by the right man.
May your beauty attract him.
May you be irresistible to him.
May he be awed by your beauty, intelligence, presence and personality.
May you be to him that which he has been searching for.
May his search end now that he’s found you.
May he find peace and happiness with you.
May the Lord grant you uncommon favour with him, in Jesus Name.




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5 responses to “For Single Ladies. Prayer For Visibility.

  1. patience

    Amen…..thank you very much PG.

  2. graceunlimited


  3. Amen,tnx alot 4 d prayers

  4. VirtuousQueen

    Amen!!! Sir, so glad you’re back for the best; I mean I’ve really missed reading your right words on facebook.. I Praise God for Pastor Praise. G.

  5. Regis

    Amen,thank you very much sir.

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