Why Do ‘Bad Girls’ Get The Good Guys?

Why Do ‘Bad Girls’ Get The Good Guys?

Ladies complain that it is the bad girls who get married to the good guys.

Who is a ‘bad girl’? She’s a girl who has very ‘loose’ morals or no morals at all.

She’s the kind of girl who jumps from one man to another. She’s called a ‘slut’ because she has a way with men. Men seem to WANT her as soon as they meet her.

She also knows how to use her sexuality to attract a man.
Now that we are done with this definition, there are a few things about ‘bad girls’ that should be useful to you if you want to get a good guy.

‘Bad girls’ have well developed social skills. They wear the right clothes, shoes and know how to connect in social settings. I met some ladies a few years ago and I asked them what they were doing for the weekend. They said ‘nothing.’ I reminded them that a good man won’t come looking for them in their bedroom. From the look on their faces, I am sure they understood what I meant.

‘Bad girls’ have well developed emotional intelligence. Some of you very ‘spiritual’ sisters will be disappointed to know that a man is NOT interested in your spirituality as much as he claims to be. Sure, he wants a spiritual lady in his life, but he also has emotional needs. It is the lady who meets those emotional needs who will end up winning his heart.

Emotional intelligence is your ability to connect emotionally with a man. It has nothing to do with your intellect, educational qualifications, your social status or even your physical beauty. There are ladies who are not physically attractive but men are all over them. Why? It’s simply because they understand how to touch the emotional centres of a man’s soul. When you connect with a man emotionally, the rest is easy.

Some time ago, I spoke with a very successful business woman who was single and had a tough time relating with her man. I noticed that she could ‘control’ dozens of men in the office but she couldn’t negotiate an emotional relationship with ONE man! When she was at her job, she was the boss and all the guys around her cowered before her. However, when it came to connecting with the man she was interested in getting married to, she couldn’t handle him. She had very low emotional intelligence and was still single when she could have been happily married.

One more thing. Bad girls know how to use their sexuality to connect with a man. They emphasise their ‘difference’ and use this to attract a man. For instance, it is natural for a man to want to RESCUE a woman. If the woman is ‘his type’, and she looks like she needs his help and support, a man will do all that he can to rescue her. Bad girls are expert at feigning weakness or emphasising their feminity so that a man can show his masculinity and strength. The problem with ‘good girls’ is that they show the man that they’ve got ‘everything covered’ and do not need a man, so the man walks away.

How do you fix this situation? Develop your social and emotional intelligence. The rest should come naturally to you. Every woman instinctively knows how to emphasise her feminity when it favours her. Need I say more?




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12 responses to “Why Do ‘Bad Girls’ Get The Good Guys?

  1. ada2012

    what is emotional intelligence??????

  2. Lourita Maxwell

    Good evening sir, am a lady that don’t go out so am a vitim of what you said my friends like to go out and sit for drink but at the same thing I have young once in church looking up to me and some order factors this has made me lose a lot of guys in my life.right now am so single n feel lonely most times because am suppose to be married. Please sir what do you advice I do? Or what do u propose for people like me to do especially in relationship sir.

    • Develop your social and emotional intelligence. The only way to do it is to use it. Get out of your comfort zone. Read as many of my books as you can find. They will also be of help to you.

  3. myriam

    No and tank you very much for this post! God bless you.

  4. Hannatu Samagoro

    “Develop ur social n emotional intelligence. D rest should come naturally 2 u”

  5. Alabi omotunde

    Bad girls are simply smart and not nice and gulible.

  6. Philomena

    Nice one sir. U r a blessing 2 dis generation. Sir pls i’m a chorister in my church nd my choir master is asking me for a relationship. His parents attends thesame church wit me nd they like me but i don’t know why i’m afraid nd confused. I like him alot even though he is not that handsome. Pls sir, i need ur advice.

  7. Lilian

    Ar u sayin dat we dat ar xtian sisters shd b found in same places wit girls dat ar nt bornagain

  8. Ama Addo

    Simple. bad guys will always want to settle with good girls while some good girls will find solace in bad guys.

  9. True talk!….True talk!

  10. Dis is a gud Job sir. D gud Lord is ur strenght.

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