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Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

Relationships, Responsibilities And Rewards.

1.When most people think about relationships, they think about the pleasures, the good times and the fun part. A lady fantasizes about going out on a great date or being on an exotic beach with her man. A guy has images of the first kiss planted on the luscious lips of this lady he really likes. No one thinks about responsibilities.

2. Hollywood presents a relationship to us as something that just happens. Boy meets girl and they like each other. Then the fun begins. It’s a big party till the end of the movie. Good stuff happens thereafter. Nothing could be further from the truth.

3. If we want to enjoy our relationship, we must be ready to take on the necessary responsibilities which guaranty the enjoyment of the rewards we expect from the relationship. If we are not willing to take on the responsibilities, we should not expect to enjoy the rewards.

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For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

For Single Ladies. Honouring Yourself.

1. To honour yourself is to respect, give regard to and highly esteem yourself. If you don’t honour yourself, it is doubtful if any man will ever honour you.

2. To honour yourself is to see yourself worthy of having a good man-no- a great man in your life. When you see yourself worthy of being in such a relationship, you will think, talk and act like someone deserving of such honour.

3. How do you dishonour yourself? You dishonour yourself by being in a relationship with someone whom you think is not good enough for you. You dishonour yourself by allowing fear cloud your mind and make you act foolishly and desperate.

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On Whose Terms?

On Whose Terms?

A rich, young man ran after Jesus, knelt before him and asked, ‘Master, what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ Jesus told him to keep the commandments. He said he had kept all the commandments from his youth. Jesus looked at him and LOVED him, then said to him, : ‘you lack just one thing, give up your riches and follow me.’

The Bible records that the young man went away sorrowful because he had great possessions. You can read this story in Mark 10:17-27.

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:28, that we should serve God in an acceptable manner, with reverence and godly fear. Basically, it says that we should serve God in a manner that is acceptable to HIM, not to us.We should serve Him the way that He wants to be served, not the way we feel like.Whether you realise this or not, there is an ACCEPTABLE way to serve God.

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For Single Ladies. Give Love A Chance.

For Single Ladies. Give Love A Chance.

1. You were made for connection, for love, for relationship. You were created to give and receive love. It is not good for you to be alone. You were made to have companionship. Being alone is alien to your DNA.

2. So that we are clear, any philosophy that encourages you to live alone, without love, without a man, without companionship, will eventually bring you massive pain.

3. The Bible says that two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labour. The quality of your life is significantly better when you have a good man in your life.
Such a relationship will enhance your happiness.

4. Some ladies have become angry and bitter because of a terrible experience they had in previous relationships. I don’t make light of your past experience, however, bitterness and pain will work against you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

5. Anger and bitterness will isolate you from the flow of life and love. These negative emotions will cause you to see life in a negative way. Don’t allow your negative experiences from your past ruin the potential happiness in your future.

6. Some ladies who have been hurt and disappointed in the past blame all their woes on men. They say that all men are bad. Such generalisations will only keep you in the past, in pain, in darkness. The truth is that there are bad men/women and there are good men/women. If you are patient, you will find a good man. Don’t allow fear keep you in bondage. Reach out boldly for love.

7. I will encourage you to forgive and release your past. Let it go. If you don’t release it, you will find it very difficult to trust and connect with a man who likes you. Your inability to trust will make it difficult for others to trust you.

8. Having a good man in your life is a BLESSING. I want you to keep this on your mind. There’s more to gain from having a good man in your life. There’s more you can accomplish with your life when you have a good man in your life.

9. I want you to go to the Lord in prayer and ask for emotional healing. May the Lord heal your emotions from every form of abuse from your past. May the Lord reveal His love to you. May the Lord bring healing to your mind.

10. Give love a chance in your life. Be expectant. Be open. Be loving. When you exude love, you will receive love. May you find true love. May true love find you where you are.



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For Single Ladies. Lady, It Is Love, Not Slavery.

For Single Ladies. Lady, It Is Love, Not Slavery.

1. Contracting or entering into a relationship with a guy should be your own decision. It should be something you want for yourself, not what someone else wants for you.

2. You shouldn’t be coerced, forced or bought into a relationship. If you are not in this relationship of your own free will and volition, you should get out of it as fast as you can.

3. You should at least LIKE this guy you want to enter into a relationship with. If you don’t, you won’t be able to handle the situations that test the veracity of your claim of love.

4.Love is a choice. If you choose to give your heart to this man, it should be something you want to do. You should never ‘love’ out of pity or fear. There’s no fear in love.

5.If this guy truly loves you, he will treat you with honour and respect. A man who doesn’t respect you does not love you. Giving you money and loving you are not the same thing.

6. You are not his slave. If you feel like you have no voice, no say, no influence in the relationship, then you might just be there as a ‘trophy girl friend.’ ….to be seen, used and not taken seriously.

7. For some sick reason, some ladies don’t care if they are not heard or taken seriously. They don’t mind the abuse. All they want is just to be in a relationship, at any cost. They are desperate to remain in a relationship no matter how abusive it may be.

8. Some ladies have become sex machines, dispensing sex any time he demands for it. They are not married to him and marriage is not even a topic of discussion. They have deluded themselves to think that by slavishly satisfying his sexual desires they will get married to him. Giving a man sex will not make him like you, want you, love you or get married to you. At best, it will make you a nice topic of discussion when he hangs out with his friends.

9. If you feel used, taken advantage of, and abused, you should immediately seek help from a counselor. Don’t allow such abuse to continue in your life. If this man doesn’t love you enough to nurture, provide, protect, respect and honour you, he doesn’t deserve you.

10. God loves you just the way you. You don’t need to do anything extra to be accepted by God. You have been accepted in the beloved. Ephesians 1:6. You are worthy of a good man, in a good relationship. You deserve to be happy. You don’t have to be his slave to be accepted and loved.



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For Single Ladies. You Cannot Change That Guy.

For Single Ladies. You Cannot Change That Guy.

1. The first rule of a relationship is to know yourself. The second is to know the person you want to get involved with.

2. Many ladies don’t even bother to know themselves before they jump into a relationship with a guy. If you have no idea who you are, what you like, what your talents are, what kind of man you want in your life, in what direction your life is headed, how on earth will you be able to choose a guy whom you will connect and be compatible with?

3. If you don’t take time to know the guy you are interested in having a relationship with, how can you tell if he will be a blessing or a curse to you?

4. Some ladies make the mistake of ‘going with the flow.’ They meet a guy and they become emotionally attracted to him but totally ignore his character. They fail to find out who he is before they become totally committed to him. They allow their emotions lead them into certain pain.

5. After making the initial mistake of entering into a senseless relationship with a man you don’t know well enough, you make the mistake of ignoring his character flaws or try to cover them up. Such cover up is a certain path to pain. You cannot have a great relationship with a godless man no matter how ‘nice’ such a man is.

6. When a man reveals who he is to you, stop trying to defend him. Accept him for who he is and ask yourself: ‘can I live with this man the way he is?’ If your answer is no, don’t waste your energy with such a man.

7. Some ladies not only play ‘cover up’ but they delude themselves into thinking that they have what it takes to change a man. They tell themselves that love can change that man with a crooked character. Your love cannot change a man. The only person who can change a man is God and that man must be willing to change because of himself, not because of you.

8. A relationship based on such delusion is destined to end badly. You cannot change a man. No matter how loving and caring you are, a man will not change because of you. Some ladies even try to use money and sex to change a man, but they discover, like millions of women before them, that you cannot change a man.

9. Instead of forcing yourself on a ‘bad guy’, why don’t you look for a good man whom you will have very little or no problems with in your relationship? Why try to change something bad when you can connect with something good from the very beginning?

10. When a woman tells me about a ‘bad relationship’, I ask her why she ignored the visible signs that told her that such a relationship was a bad idea in the first place? Instead of forcing yourself on a bad relationship because it is ‘available’, you should trust the Lord to bring a good man with a well developed character into your life.



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Woman Of My Dreams.

Woman of my dreams

it is you

I searched for

it is you

my heart yearned for

it is you

I waited for

Woman of my dreams

your love reaches out to me

from a distance

I hear the sound

of your laughter

awaken the joy


Many women

have come and gone

many have no idea

what they did

to me

to my heart

to my dreams

to my love

I have been hurt

in my search for love

suffered pain

in the name of love

taken advantage of

in the name of love

my belief in true love

has been tested

through the fire

but I believe

in the love that you bring

I believe

in the peace that you bring

I believe

that your love is real

woman of my dreams

come to me

touch me

caress me

hold me

love me

whisper to me

words from your heart

whisper to me

joys I will find in your arms

whisper to me

the possibilities of my dreams

whisper to me

the greatness that lies within

woman of my dreams

I am yours

If you promise to be mine

I am yours

If you make me your knight

I am yours

Just you and me


let me

show you how much I care

let me

give you all I have prepared

let me

wipe away your tears

let me

cover you in the glow of my love

Woman of my dreams

I await your arrival

my servants work


making preparations

for you

beautifying my place

a place

for you and me

a place

where love and peace

will reign

a place

where you and I in love will play

where our dreams will grow great

where divine purpose hold’s sway

my love for you will never tire

we will feed on our inner fires

as we birth our desires

I hear your hastened footsteps

your quickened heartbeat

I feel your presence

the sweetness of your essence

pour over me

overwhelm me

love me

every bit of me.

Praise George, December 2008


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For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

For Single Men. When A Woman Says ‘No’.

When a woman says no, it means that she’s not interested in you. Instead of pushing and hanging around her just to make her change her mind, you should ask yourself the reason why.

She may say no because you are not her type. You should go look for your type. No matter how hot you think you are, some women will never go on a date with you. You are not God’s gift to all women. Be humble. Go look for your type.

She may say no because she is still making up her mind. When it comes to dating, a woman may have several questions she wants answered. You shouldn’t force the process, let her take her time and give you an answer when she’s ready.If she never gets back to you, take it that her answer is no and let it go.

Please read my article on rejection, it will set you free. When a woman consistently tells you no, you should see it as God saving you from future disaster. Don’t persist in pursuing her. Let her go.

Don’t try to change her mind by giving her material things or pouring money on her. If you do, it will be throwing your money away. A lady you buy with your money is not the woman you want to live with for the rest of your life. If you can buy her, so can another man. She should want you for who you are and nothing more.

So that we are clear; when a woman says no to any form of sexual advances from you, she means exactly what she says.She means ‘No, don’t touch me, I am not interested in having sex with you, get lost, don’t ever raise this subject again unless I do.’ She is not shy, coy or playing hard to get. She is not interested. Period. Let’s move on.

Don’t try to force her in any way to make out with you. Using any form of force is not ‘persuading’ her, it is rape. If you coerce her in any way to make out with you, that is rape even if you and the lady think it isn’t.

Real men don’t coerce women into sex.

The lady you are in a relationship with is not your property; you don’t own her. When she tells you to stop and go no further, you should listen to her.

Don’t use the famous loser’s line:’If you love me, you should prove it by making out with me.’ She doesn’t have to prove anything to you. In fact being with you after what you just said is a very bad idea.

When a woman tells you no, you shouldn’t waste your energy pursuing her. Life is too short to be stupid. There are millions of other women out there, surely there’s one among them who will like you for who you are.

Don’t get obsessed with her and think that without this particular lady in your life , you will be unhappy. This is a lie you should never fall for. There’s a good woman out there who will enhance your life and happiness.  If you like this particular lady but she doesn’t like you, dude don’t force it: look elsewhere.



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For Ladies. Shut Up! It Can Save Your Relationship

For Ladies. Shut Up! It Can Save Your Relationship.

1. A relationship can be a blessing or a curse to you depending on how you handle it. Your objective should be to ensure that your relationship is an all round blessing to you. A wise woman BUILDS her home with her words of wisdom and the foolish makes sure that she tears it down with her foolish words.

2. One way to ensure that your relationship is a blessing is to watch what you say. Your words can make or break your relationship. Your words can build or destroy your relationship. It is up to you to decide what you want your words to do in your relationship. It is not everything that pops into your head during an argument that you say. Learn to hold back and shut your mouth.

3. If you don’t learn to control your temper, you may well destroy with your words what has taken you many years to build. In a fit of temper, you may say stuff that cannot be retracted and that would mark the end of your relationship. Your objective therefore should be to learn to control your temper.

4. You should learn to say what’s on your mind without bringing permanent damage to your relationship. No matter how upset your are, remember that your relationship is more valuable to you than the present situation or crisis you are facing. This crisis will pass away, but it is what you say now that will determine if your relationship survives it.

5. I am sure that you love your man and you want the best for your relationship. My advice is that you should select your words carefully with wisdom. If you are upset, calm down before talking over the matter with him. Let your words be with honour and respect.

6. You are a godly woman, you should therefore put God first. Pray about every situation before talking it over with your man. Listen to divine wisdom and let the Lord give you the right words that will bring peace, not turbulence, to your relationship. If you feel overwhelmed by your situation, you should seek counsel from OLDER and wise women. Avoid taking relationship advice from your friends because you all function on the same level of wisdom. Never discuss your issues with people who have no wisdom to help you resolve it. Stop using your mouth to damage your life.

7. Months after you resolved this situation, your words will still be remembered. If you are wise, and I am sure you are, you will make sure that you handle this situation in such a way that your man will honour and respect you for the rest of his life. May God give you understanding.



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For Men. Making Your Relationship Work.

For Men. Making Your Relationship Work.

1. You should learn to nourish your woman and build her up emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The success of your relationship depends on how well you do this. Study her and find out what works best for her. When you discover this, pour your energy into using it to nourish her.

2. Be genuinely interested in her success. You are a team. There’s no place for competition. Do all you can within your power to help her accomplish her goals. If she’s successful, she will bring that success into the relationship.

3. Enhance her peace and happiness. If she is fearful and has uncertainties about the future, help her see that with God’s help, you will have a great future. Most unhappiness comes as a result of fear of the future. What makes her happy? Bring more of that into her life. However, these things should be positive. If she’s a shopaholic, you cannot afford to support her habit or you will go broke. Do what you can to create an atmosphere of peace in her life.

4. Go out of your way to do something for her that shows that you have been thinking about her. A relationship is a long journey. Learn to invest in your woman and she will respond by bringing your multiplied investment back into the relationship.

5. No one is perfect. Help her work on areas of weakness. Encourage her in the way that she understands. Never make fun of her failures or weaknesses. Be supportive and listen when she talks about her frailties.

6. Protect her. Keep your crazy friends, colleagues and family members away from her. If you hear any negative rumour about her, quell it. Never bring bad news to her hearing. Always protect her emotions. She may be strong, but she’s not as strong as you think she is. Protect her.

7. No matter what happens, never use words to hurt her. Women never forget. 30 years from the day you spoke those words, she will remind you with accuracy at what time of the day you said those words and even describe the weather conditions! If you love her-and love yourself- deliberately speak words that build her up. If you’ve said anything hurtful to her, make sure you apologise as soon as you can. Never postpone fixing your relationship.

8. Pray for her. If you do this regularly, the Lord will show you how to touch areas of her life that need help, healing and encouragement. You should also learn to pray with her as often as you can. Such sessions shouldn’t be prayer marathons, but a heart to heart connection that speaks to heaven. Ask the Lord for direction for your relationship. The Holy Spirit will guide you in the right path. This prayer sessions will cause her to connect with you on a deeper emotional and spiritual level. Always ask the Lord for grace and wisdom to be a blessing to your woman.



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