For Single Ladies. Red Flags!

For Single Ladies. Red Flags!

A red flag simply means, ‘He is NOT the one for you.’ No matter how you feel about him, this dude will bring you pain. Ladies, when you see a red flag, it is time to disconnect, detach yourself from that guy and run for your life. It is foolish to try to turn a red flag into a ‘white flag’. Most ladies often discover too late that such flags remain red for the rest of the man’s life. A lesson you must learn, is that what you see is what you will get, make no mistake about it. Let’s take a look at some red flags.

1. If he has no determinable source of income, that is a red flag right there.

2. If he calls himself a consultant or business man, but he has no real product or service you can see, it is a red flag. ‘Consultant’ is the title of choice for the 21st century con artist. Apologies to all the genuine consultants out there. Now you’ve got to show us some real proofs!

3. If he gets angry all the time, and becomes violent to the extent that he breaks or destroys stuff, that dude is dangerous. It is a red flag. We all get angry. However anger should be controlled and should never result in violence.

4. If he steals from you, in any way, it is a red flag. For instance, borrowing without paying back, that is systematic stealing.

5. If he can’t hold an intelligent conversation with you but rather prefers sex, that is a red flag. You cannot build a relationship on sex. If you can’t talk, there is no relationship.

6. If he is not a happy person, it is a red flag. This guy may have lots of issues in his life but my dear lady, you are not responsible for any of it. If he can’t solve his issues, guess what? He will bring them into your life.

7.If he has never brought up the subject of marriage without any encouragement from you, it is a very clear red flag. Stop forcing yourself on him.

8. If you have different vision(s), it is a red flag. For example, if he is a ‘free spirit’ and wants to be a biker for the rest of his life, but you are a medical doctor, you are incompatible. Riding that bike with him may seem sexy to you, but wait until you are married and you will understand the meaning of pain. He will always be on the road on his bike with his ‘free spirit’ and possibly irresponsible, biker friends. Is that the sort of life you want to live? My advice? Simple. Run now while you can.




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8 responses to “For Single Ladies. Red Flags!

  1. Akagha Dennis

    Pls sir can ℓ have u̶̲̥̅̊​я e-mail, ℓ really want to share į̸̸̨ƭƕ U̶̲̥̅̊ …

  2. myriam

    very current, helpful, a bit funny but so true and edifying…

  3. datong patricia peter

    Thnks for d advice. It is quite timing

  4. julie

    Thanks for the mail am very convinced of the kind of man am going in for. god bless you for the advice.

  5. It is so true thanks for that good advice

  6. emanuella cletus

    So educating. Thank u

  7. Anagor Kingsley

    Thanks for your write-ups.

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