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For Single Ladies. 7 Questions You Must Answer Before You Say Yes To That Guy

For Single Ladies. 7 Questions You Must Answer Before You Say Yes To That Guy.

1. Is he ready for a real woman or is he looking for someone he can manipulate, control and push around? There should be mutual respect in your relationship.

2. Is he ready for a relationship or is he just looking for a fling? If it is a fling he is looking for, then you are not the girl for him. He should look elsewhere.

3. Is he ready to handle the responsibilities of a relationship with you? Like a lady told me, ‘I have got bills to pay and this man must be ready for that.’ Kinda straight forward, don’t you think?

4. Does he have a very clear direction for his life? A man without clarity is dangerous. Stay away from him. If his life has no semblance of order, he will never bring order into your own life.

5.Is he God-fearing? Is he passionate about Jesus Christ and the Kingdom? If he isn’t, he can do absolutely anything to you without fear or remorse. Going to church doesn’t make a man or woman God-fearing. Devils also attend church.

6. Does he honour women in general? A man who says negative things about women has been hurt severally by women and could be looking for a victim to inflict his revenge upon. Don’t be that victim.

7. Does he always encourage, assist, motivate and push you to do more with your talents, your career and your life? A man who is intimidated by your success is not the man for you. Be patient, your man will find you.



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For Single Men. How To Marry A Good Woman.

For Single Men. How To Marry A Good Woman.

1. You have to first of all be a good man before you go searching for a good woman. Develop your character and be prepared to connect with her when you meet her.

2. Because like attracts like, you will attract the quality of woman you deserve, nothing less, nothing more. You will attract ‘your type.’

3. Men use their ‘lower head’ to think more than their hearts, so you must be careful when making this decision. When a man sees a woman, the first thing that comes to his mind, (okay, for the benefit of doubt, let’s say it is the second or third thing) is sex. No matter how ‘spiritual’ the man may think he is, sex is usually at the top or very near the top of his priorities. Never base a decision to get married to a woman based on your sexual chemistry. It may prove quite disastrous in the end.

4. Never judge a woman by her outward appearance. She may look as beautiful as Miss world but be ‘satan’s sister.’ She may fool you by her looks, sexual energy and smooth words, but she cannot deceive you with her life style. If you study her carefully, you will discover who she is.

5. By their fruit you shall know them. Marry for character, compatibility and not for the beauty. If you have been deceived by sex, may the Lord deliver you today.

6. If you want to get married to her because of her money, you might as well hang a sign around your neck, with large letters in red reading ‘SLAVE,’ because that is what you will become in that marriage.

7. This woman must be willing to follow your dream and help you achieve it. If she’s ready to do everything within her power to see your dream manifest, she’s the one for you. Don’t let her out of your sight! Another thing, you must be willing to do the same for her to qualify as her husband.

8. One sign you should never ignore is the presence or lack of peace in your heart about this woman. If you have no peace in your heart every time you think about her, dude, she’s not for you. If you have solid, unshakeable peace in your heart, she’s the one. Move quickly towards marriage.

9. Wrap things up very quickly. 12 months is enough to know a woman. Don’t waste your time on unimportant things. Get to meet her parents, do the introduction, fix a date for the wedding. Get the wedding out of the way.

10. Be the man. Handle the responsibility of marriage. Love your wife the best way you can. Enjoy the wife of your youth, be a blessing to her and have an awesome marital journey.



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