Prayers For Single Ladies.

Prayer For Single Ladies.

May your eyes be open. May the Lord grant you clarity to recognise your husband.

May you see what others do not see in him.

May the Lord bring your hearts, soul and minds to unite in true love.

May he be loosed and set free from every unprofitable relationship.

May the hold of ‘Jezebel’ be broken over his life.

May the Lord give that man peace wherever he is, in Jesus Name.

May he be delivered from the snares of the enemy.

May your beauty attract him.

May your words bring peace to his soul.

May your intelligence stimulate and excite him.

May he love you the way the Lord has graciously designed you.

May his heart desire you and no other.

May the Lord do a quick work in your life that will lead to marriage.

May every hindrance to your marital destiny be removed from your path.

May the Lord grant you uncommon favour with him.

May the Lord set events in motion in your life, that will lead you into a glorious marital destiny, and give you a testimony for good, in Jesus Name.




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3 responses to “Prayers For Single Ladies.

  1. A resounding Amen to these heartfelt prayers.

  2. Rita kalabi

    Thanks pastor am blessed,really needed that prayer.rita frm zambia.

  3. Gedza Selorm Judith

    Thank you and stay blessed.

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