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Breaking Soul Ties

Breaking Soul Ties.

1. A soul tie is an emotional, spiritual bond between two people. It can be negative or it can be positive. However, most soul ties that exist are ‘accidental and unplanned for.’ Such tie goes deep and can keep the people in bondage for as long as it exists.

2. What so many people call love is either infatuation or a soul tie. To recognise if what you are experiencing is true love, you have to examine the foundation of your relationship. If the foundation is nothing but sex, you are in a very dangerous place emotionally.

3. A soul tie may come about as a result of intellectual or spiritual compatibility. You can develop an emotional bond with a member of the opposite sex if you are intellectually or spiritually compatible.

4. The most potent, powerful and most deadly form of soul tie occurs through sexual intercourse. There is a very strong reason why sex before marriage is not safe. When you engage in sex, you develop an emotional bond with that person which in many cases may prove very difficult to break.

5. Now, here is the real problem. If you discover that your partner is a mass murderer-God forbid-, it will be extremely difficult to let go because now your emotions are functioning on ‘automatic.’ They have developed a mind of their own. They no longer listen to you no matter what you say. Your emotions totally ignore your mind and go after pleasure. Even if that pleasure will destroy you, your emotions keep moving in that direction. Lord show us Mercy!

6. This is the reason why you see a mismatched couple and you wonder, ‘what is this beautiful, intelligent, classy lady doing with this ‘loser’?’ It’s simple. That lady allowed that ‘loser’ to have sex with her and she became his ‘slave.’ You may see a cool guy with this ‘dud’ of a lady and you wonder what exactly is going on. It’s the sex going on. The guy has been entrapped by the sex.

7. How do you recognise a soul tie? If you are unhappy all the time and only become ‘happy’ during sex, or if the only thing that keeps your relationship together is sex, it is a soul tie. If the problems which exist in the relationship are destroying you, yet you insist that you are ‘in love’, it is a soul tie. If the only time you experience any form of pleasure is when you are having sex, you are experiencing a soul tie. True Love doesn’t need sex to be pleasurable.

8. How do you come out of a soul tie? Let me be frank with you, it is not going to be easy. In fact, many people reading this article are under a strong delusion which they call ‘love’ but it is a soul tie. First, you have to ask God for mercy, to deliver you from the lie you have allowed yourself to fall into.

9. Distance yourself from that person and start praying. If it is an ex who keeps popping up in your mind, you should distance yourself from that person: no phone calls, no meetings, no text messages, no emails. Starve that emotion until it withers and dies.

10. If you don’t destroy a soul tie, it will destroy your peace, happiness and future relationship. A soul tie can even destroy your marriage if you don’t deal with it now. If you want to experience real happiness, get rid of the soul tie in your life. It may take you sometime to be free from it, but breaking out of bondage into liberty and emotional freedom is worth the effort.



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Prayers For Single Ladies.

Prayer For Single Ladies.

May your eyes be open. May the Lord grant you clarity to recognise your husband.

May you see what others do not see in him.

May the Lord bring your hearts, soul and minds to unite in true love.

May he be loosed and set free from every unprofitable relationship.

May the hold of ‘Jezebel’ be broken over his life.

May the Lord give that man peace wherever he is, in Jesus Name.

May he be delivered from the snares of the enemy.

May your beauty attract him.

May your words bring peace to his soul.

May your intelligence stimulate and excite him.

May he love you the way the Lord has graciously designed you.

May his heart desire you and no other.

May the Lord do a quick work in your life that will lead to marriage.

May every hindrance to your marital destiny be removed from your path.

May the Lord grant you uncommon favour with him.

May the Lord set events in motion in your life, that will lead you into a glorious marital destiny, and give you a testimony for good, in Jesus Name.



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