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For Single Ladies. Manipulation is Futile.

For Single Ladies. Manipulation is Futile.

1. Some ladies who have no healthy self esteem try to manipulate a man to enter into a relationship with them. Such manipulation ultimately backfires and hurts them. Manipulation is simply using devious and underhanded tactics to entrap a man in a relationship with you.

2. The problem with manipulation is that if the man doesn’t love you genuinely, you will never feel happy with yourself, neither will you be happy in the relationship. True love allows genuine feelings to manifest. If the man doesn’t love you, I want to assure you that there’s a man who genuinely loves you for who you are. You don’t have to manipulate any man to be with you.

3. Sexual manipulation occurs when a woman uses her beauty and sexual power to gain control of a man’s emotions. Sex is such a powerful manipulative tool that even the strongest among men can fall victim to it. If you used sex to get your man, rest assured that another woman also has the ability to take him away from you through sex. However, if he is with you because of your character and value, no woman will be able to take him away from you. The most stupid form of manipulation is getting pregnant for him with the hope that he will ‘love’ you after that. Lady, let me save you from years of torture and pain: DON’T do it! If he never loved you, he will be sure to HATE you after getting pregnant for him.

4. Financial manipulation occurs when a rich lady gets into a relationship with a not-so-rich guy and tries to control him with her money. She buys him with her money and he practically becomes her slave. The woman becomes his ‘mom’ and he becomes a robot who obeys her every request. How can you be happy in such a relationship? Some women just set themselves up for pain.

5. Emotional manipulation occurs when a woman uses anger, fear, threats, tears and other emotional blackmail tools to manipulate the man to enter into or stay with her in a relationship.

6. The truth is that relationship is about negotiation. You can negotiate your way with your VALUE into a man’s life instead of trying to manipulate him to be with you. Project your value, just like the Proverbs 31 woman. Only a fool will reject value when he sees it. And such a fool doesn’t deserve you. Stop trying to force your way into a fool’s heart because he will never value you.

7. When a man stands to gain a whole lot by having you in his life, he will naturally choose you as long as you are compatible with him. Such a man will make a very quick decision to get married to you because he doesn’t want to lose the value he sees in you. I pray such a man comes your way in Jesus Name.

8. If you have used manipulation to ‘tie’ a man down with you, now is the time to stop using such a devious tool. Let the man choose what he wants. Does he want you or not? Never, ever operate in fear. The Bible says that there is no fear in love, perfect love casts out fear. If that man is for you, he will remain with you.



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