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Relationships And The Law Of Value.

Relationships And The Law Of Value.

1. Value basically means the relative worth or importance of something.

2. A relationship is a value based contraption. It means that you are in a relationship because of the perceived or real value of that person to you or you to that person. Value must be defined in terms of what the other person sees or feels. If your partner feels you are not bringing any value to the relationship, that means you are not bringing value. Period. Do something about it.

3. People are naturally attracted to people of value. Unless someone stands to gain something from you, they will never enter into a relationship with you.

4. A relationship is an exchange of value. You bring something of value into your partner’s life and your partner does the same.

5. Unless you bring value to the table, nobody will want you.

6. Ladies, value is NOT beauty, neither is it sex. Your value has to go beyond your physical beauty. Beauty fades. Sex is easily available. Never negotiate your relationship from a weak position of beauty and sex. The moment someone of real value appears, your ‘lack of value’ will be exposed.

7. For your relationship to work, you must keep increasing your worth and value in the relationship. It is important  that your partner PERCEIVES that you bring value to the relationship.

8. Love is an emotion that is sustained by value. When value ceases to exist, the love begins to fade. You must therefore focus on bringing more and more value to your relationship.

9. For your relationship to be value centred, you must endeavour to develop more value in YOURSELF. Develop and be the very best you can be for yourself and for your partner.

10. As you and your partner bring value to your relationship, you will both be happy, emotionally, mentally and spiritually enriched and have an awesome marital journey.



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