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For Single Ladies. Searching For Mr. Perfect.

For Single Ladies. Searching For Mr. Perfect.

1. From childhood, girls are brainwashed to think of their future partner in ‘fairy tale terms.’ They see a ‘perfect man’ coming to sweep them off their feet in love.

2. The problem with this picture is that nobody is perfect. The recipe for pain is to keep searching for a being who doesn’t exist.

3. Many ladies who are of ‘marriageable age’ are not married to day because they have set their standards ‘too high.’

4. Such arrogance always leads to massive pain.Be humble and let God bring the right man into your life.

5. Marriage is for two souls who love each other and are are honest enough to be open to themselves about their strengths and weaknesses.

6. Certain standards are not just unreasonable, they are INSANE. Some ladies demand that the man must earn a particular salary, live in a certain area of town and drive a particular car. These things in themselves will not make you happy.

7. Talking about happiness, if you are miserable now, a rich and successful guy will eventually make you feel MORE miserable because he will reveal the emptiness of your life to you. Having more and more Stuff will NEVER make you happy. Learn the spiritual art of CONTENTMENT. If you do, you will be happy with what you have and live long.

8. I know some ladies reading this article are angry with me. Yes, the truth hurts. Take things easy.

9. Pray. Keep your eyes wide open. Trust God to connect you to a guy you are compatible with, someone who brings out the best in you, who makes you laugh, who challenges and brings out your potential, who is patient with your weaknesses and helps you become your very best self. Someone you can live with in peace. This should be your dream man.

10. Yes, money is important, but don’t put it first. Put your relationship, destiny and happiness first.The combination of true Love, your talents and God’s grace will help you live an awesome life together as husband and wife.



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