For Single Ladies. Is He Ready For Marriage?

For Single Ladies. Is He Ready For Marriage?

1. A man can date you for 10 years and still NOT get married to you. I heard someone say ‘God forbid.’ That’s good. Don’t let that happen to you.

2. It is sad but MANY men are NOT ready for marriage. Many are immature.This has nothing to do with love. It has to do with wanting to settle down with you.

3. Now that you are young and hot and irresistible, you are not paying attention to this article. But the truth is that you will not remain young for ever. You should therefore not allow any unserious man waste your time.

4. A man may love you but does he want you to be his WIFE? If all he wants is fun and games, he will never propose to you. May the Lord deliver you from time wasters and deceivers.

5. There are ladies who are ready for marriage but are in a relationship with jokers who are still immature. Such ladies will experience pain unless they let go of such a relationship.

6. A man who is READY for marriage will have marriage burning in his eyes. It will be in his every sentence. If you are wise, GRAB him now. When the Lord sends a blessing your way, it is foolishness to let it slip out of your hands.

7. If you have dated for at least 6 months and he has not raised the subject of marriage, my dear sister, he is NOT ready to get married. You may grow old waiting for him to propose to you.

8. A man who is emotionally mature, financially prepared-he doesn’t have to be a millionaire- and talks to you about marriage should be taken very seriously. If you reject him, he will get married to the lady who accepts his proposal.

9. Marriage for a man is not complex. It is the most direct thing for a man who is ready. So, when a man keeps beating about the bush and evading the subject of marriage, he is not ready for you. Let him go or be ready to wait until he is ready, whenever that may be.

10. Let’s wrap this up. Are you good for each other and happy together? Is he ready for marriage? Has he asked you to marry him? If he has, don’t let this moment pass you by, seize it. And may the Lord give you understanding.




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16 responses to “For Single Ladies. Is He Ready For Marriage?

  1. Abiola

    6 months is generous. My dad advices 3 months. If he doesn’t state his intentions, park him in the friend zone!

  2. mr praise,my problem is that my mother thinks i should let my junior sisters complete school before i get married do think is a wise choice.

  3. Mbom Abakam

    I want to be receiving thing lessons via my email.

  4. kate robin

    Dear pst praise,i have a problem which is beyond me 4 now dat is i only have men from 40yrs askin 4 my hand in marriage bt i’m only it adviceable 4 me 2 say yes 2 them?

  5. Fran

    6months!!!Are u serious?u might end up a victim of concealed character!!!

  6. Jean

    God bless you sir, my problem is guys always come and go in my life, none are ready to settle down with me, am confuse cos am due for marriage. please sir, what should i do. thank you.

  7. isy

    pst praise, i hav bin courting this guy for 2yrs and now all in the name of he will marry but has not done the necessary things on my head. he is living my house and eat my food and somtimes, i spend for him. i need an advice pls.


  9. im inspired, may God continue to put words in ur mouth for me, Stay blessed

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