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Deliverance From False Friends.

Deliverance From False Friends.

To fulfill your God ordained destiny, you must get rid of false friends in your life.

Amnon liked his half sister Tamar and wanted to have a relationship with her. In those days, it was okay to have such a relationship. Amnon didn’t know how to go about asking her, so he became depressed.
Amonon shared his predicament with his friend Jonadab who was very crafty. Jonadab gave him an evil counsel. He told Amnon to rape Tamar his half sister. He told him that he could take advantage of her and nothing would happen. It was an evil counsel. Please take your time to read the story in 2Samuel 13.
Amnon listened to that evil counsel, raped Tamar, and set in motion a series of events which eventually led to his death.

A false friend gave him an evil counsel and this counsel led to his destruction.

There are false friends in your life and it will take the Holy Spirit to unveil them to you. A false friend is envious and jealous of what you are doing with your life. Such a friend will not show it openly but you can catch it in his/her words when caught off guard. A false friend wishes he/she had your spouse, children, job, home, happy marriage, successful business and ministry, etc, and wants to take it away from you. If he/she can’t have it, neither should you. A false friend is a satanic assignment from hell against your destiny and you must break his/her yoke over your life if you want to become all the Father planned for you to be.

False friends pretend to be the best thing that ever happened to you but the Bible says that ‘By their fruit you shall know them.’ A friend who gives you evil counsel is a false friend. A friend who tries to destroy your destiny by leading you astray is a false friend. A friend who leads you to a sinful lifestyle is a false friend. A friend who causes you to turn your back on the Lord is a false friend.

In the first Psalm, the Bible says, ‘Blessed is the man who does not walk in an ungodly counsel.’ Godly or ungodly counsel can only come from someone very close to you. It takes a friend to give you wise or foolish counsel. If they have no access to you, they cannot give you such a counsel. It is therefore important that you prayerfully and wisely choose your friends. Some said, ‘relationship has consequence.’ A false friend can completely ruin your life if you don’t eliminate him/her now when you can.

I will encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to eliminate such ‘snakes’ from your life. They may look good on the outside but they are deadly on the inside and are just waiting for an opportunity to give you wrong counsel.

I pray that every false friend will be eliminated from your life. They will find no more hiding place in your life. May the Lord connect you with true friends who will bring Divine wisdom into your life and give you godly counsel.



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