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Maximizing Your Beauty.

Maximizing Your Beauty.

1. Let me make this clear from the onset; you are beautiful. God made you a beautiful person. Have no doubts whatsoever about it.

2. Some ladies have facial beauty and very little else. Lack of facial beauty is a form of emotional torture for many ladies. Don’t fall into that trap. Beauty goes deeper than your face.

3. Some ladies have physical beauty. If you are not physically endowed, don’t sweat it. Beauty goes beyond your face and your body.

4. Real and lasting beauty lies beneath your skin. The kind of beauty that will NOT fade lies within you and cannot be captured in a photograph. This is what you should strive to develop.

5. A woman of character is the most beautiful woman there is on the planet. A man will leave a physically attractive woman and willingly run into the arms of a woman of character. It happens all the time. Now you know the reason why he left you for that woman who ‘has no class.’

6. There is mental and emotional beauty. One has to do with your intelligence and the other has to do with your emotional state. The Bible says that what a man needs more than any other thing from a woman is PEACE. Peace cannot be bought in a store, crafted on your chest by a plastic surgeon or created by the illusion of cosmetics. A woman who gives a man peace of mind is more beautiful than Miss world.

7. Never underestimate your ability to influence your man with your inner and outer beauty.

8. When a man likes something about you, develop it. Never draw his attention to what YOU DON’T HAVE. For instance, if he likes your slim figure, don’t draw his attention to the fact that your boobs are really small and you literally have no bum. Always emphasize what he likes about you.

9. Wear clothes which flatter and bring out the very best in you.

10. A combination of physical, mental and emotional beauty will make you irresistible to the man who likes you.



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