Why Are You Not Married?

Why Are You Not Married?

1. You have no plans for marriage. Unless you put marriage at the top of your list, you will not get married any time soon.

2. You date the wrong guys but expect something good to come out of it.

3. You are tied down in an unhealthy relationship and you are just managing it.

4. You are too arrogant for any man to be interested in getting married to you. If you had some humility, your man will appear in your life.

5. Your anger ruins every relationship.

6. You try to use sex to keep a man in a relationship with you. The man gets the sex and dumps you soon after.

7. You are still having fun, just like a teenager and do not realise that time is not on your side. You won’t remain young and attractive for ever. Stop this foolishness and get married.

8. You put your career before your relationship. You have destroyed many relationships because of your drive to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

9. You are searching for the perfect man who doesn’t exist. You will probably find such a man when you die and go to heaven!

10. You simply refuse to make a decision. You completely underestimate the influence and power of a woman. It isn’t complex-Girl meets man. Girl likes man who likes her. Girl makes a decision to get married and lets man realise that she’s the one and there’s no other. Man has little or no choice because he really likes girl and wants her in his life. Wedding date is set. Girl gets married to man. They live happily ever after. End of story.




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5 responses to “Why Are You Not Married?

  1. sharon

    so true gosh eye opener…no wonder am single still

  2. Sharon zoe shalimbwa


  3. cynthia anagbogu

    i luv ur book it has rily hlp me in my relationship.God bless u praise

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