For Single Ladies. Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine.

For Single Ladies. Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine.

1. You are beautifully and wonderfully created. Honour yourself always.
2. You can’t force a man to like you. Love is not by force.
3. If he doesn’t like you, do yourself a favour and look elsewhere.
4. Don’t give him your ‘pearls’ in an attempt to ‘seduce’ him. It usually never works.
5. Making yourself a ‘sex slave’ will not make him want you, instead he will detest you. No man really wants what he can get for ‘free.’
6. You have great value. Someday, a good man will appreciate it.
7. Many men are blind and will not discern your value. Don’t give your heart to a man who cannot discern your value.
8. The man who can see through and discern your value is the one who deserves your heart.
9. Give your ‘pearls’ to a man who will value, love and protect you.




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5 responses to “For Single Ladies. Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine.

  1. Dare Johnson

    Mr. Praise,weldone.
    Blessed be God for your ministry.

    Sir,look, I think you seem to be much more lop-sided in your relationship counsel. You too much speak for the ladies/sisters. I think you also need to speak for men/brothers.

    Have not we seen brothers being denied/let down by sisters?
    I speak for men sir. I’m one.
    I live for God,and there are brothers also who are singles which are not opportunists.

    So all brothers are not all stalkers. You could also speak also for brothers.

    Could you imagine sisters’ pretence even within the church; and majority of those sisters seem not to know what they want, who they are and in Whom they believe. It’s disheartening.
    Let this be published.



    thank you very much for the educative materials you are sending to .GOD Richly bless you and your family members.

  3. James

    Iam a man and not a woman. Please, I need more explanation on this phrase:”many men are blind” in this article. Thanks

    • The next line in the article explains the phrase ‘many men are blind’. Men are moved by sight. Many men see in a woman her external beauty, but they fail to see her true worth and value which is in her soul. Many men are blinded by a woman’s external beauty, this leads them to making wrong choices and decisions in relationships. A man who is not blinded by a woman’s external beauty will make the right decisions.

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