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Creating Intimacy 1

Creating Intimacy 1.

1. The deeper your intimacy with your partner, the stronger your relationship will be. To solidify the foundation of your relationship, you should build intimacy in key areas- emotional, mental and spiritual.

2. The more you know of yourself, the easier it becomes for you to share the real you with your partner. Living a superficial and fake life will only end up hurting your relationship.

3. Intimacy involves openness and honesty. If you are not honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with your partner and your relationship will not be honest. Honesty can be scary sometimes but it is the key to freedom and happiness.

4. There are areas of your life that you have refused to access because of the painful memories that are associated with them. To develop intimacy, you will need to gently open the door to those hidden areas. If you don’t, those same things you are hiding may end up hurting your relationship.

5. Everyone has issues. Let your partner know your strengths and your weaknesses. It helps your partner to know what he/she is dealing with and how to make value contributions to your life.

6. Fear is your enemy. It will block the door to openness and intimacy in your relationship. Even if your partner loves you more than his/her own soul, you will not believe or receive such love because of your fear. Release your fears to the Lord.

7. Intimacy is a process. It won’t happen overnight. The magical connection you desire to have with your partner won’t just happen. You need to build it, block by block. If intimacy seems lacking in your relationship, don’t complain or lay blame. Begin immediately to do something about it by being open with your partner and talking about ways to make your relationship stronger.


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Prayer For Single Ladies.

Prayer For Single ladies.

May your steps be ordered in the right direction.
May you come out of fear.
May you come out of confusion.
May the Lord wipe your tears.
May the mistakes of your past cease to torment you.
May you be delivered from every unprofitable relationship.
May emotional pain dissolve from your life.
May you find favour in the eyes of your future partner.
May you find favour with his family.
May the Lord cause your beauty to shine.
May the Lord cause your strengths to stand out.
May the Lord honour you.
May you bring favour and peace into the life of the man who finds you.
May you be accepted the way you are, in true love, unconditionally.
May true love find you, in Jesus Name.



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