The Law of Clarity.

The Law Of Clarity.

1. The clarity you have is reflected in the results you produce in your life.

2. Hard work without clarity will result in frustration.

3. Prayer, meditation, silence and reading will help bring you more clarity.

4. Until you see it, you can’t manifest it.

5. The Lord is your LIGHT. He gives you more clarity when you spend time with Him in prayer.

6. When you have clarity, you have no doubts. You are confident.

7. To manifest your dream, all you need to do is ‘take the next step.’ That is clarity.

8. Fear and confusion dissolve when you have clarity.

9. Clarity gives you acceleration and speed.

10. To manifest your dream effortlessly, seek more clarity.




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5 responses to “The Law of Clarity.


    Very clear indeed. When u heed this ur life will never be the same. This is an eye opener.


    just what everyone in the world needs to be focused

  3. Veronica

    know ur direction

  4. does it mean one can’t have access to your books online

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