For Single men. Is She Playing You?

For Single men. Is She Playing You?

1. She likes the lunch, dinner dates but doesn’t really like to spend time with you.
2. She has a 100 other guys calling her daily.
3. She’s always critical of you.
4. She’s always in the company of guys who are just her ‘friends.’
5. She demands money from you whether you have it or not. If you don’t have it, she gives you hell.
6. She’s never introduced you to her family. She said she’s waiting or the ‘right time.’ When will that be?
7. When you ask about marriage, she tells you to ‘be patient.’ A woman who is ready for marriage wants it yesterday.
8. She is self-centered and is not interested in your dream or future.
9. She’s arrogant and acts like she’s doing you a favour.
10. She never contributes meaningfully to your life.
Dude, this lady could just be playing you.


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3 responses to “For Single men. Is She Playing You?

  1. Aniekan

    u are quite incredible


    This is great sir. What a deceiver & time waster. I hope guys wil not be deceived by her ‘love‘.

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