For Single ladies. The Making of True Love.

For Single ladies. The Making of True Love.

1. It’s in his yes. When he is with you, he pays you full and total attention. Shifty eyes tell you that his mind is not with you. Shifty eyes are ‘criminal.’

2. It’s in his smile. A smilling face shows that he likes you. If he frowns when he’s with you, he’s not happy with you.

3. It’s in his touch. There are different kinds of touch. There’s the gentle touch
which shows that he cares. The sexual touch is full of excitement and shows that he’s in it for the sex and nothing else. Watch him closely.

4. He calls you when it matters to YOU. He doesn’t call you when it is convenient but when it is important to you.

5. He will change his plans just to spend time with you. Spending time with you is a sign of love ( when other things are in place.). He may give you the whole world but spend time with someone else.

6. Your presence brings him peace of mind. A man always gravitates in the direction of his peace of mind. If you bring such balance into his life, his heart is already with you.

7. He doesn’t manipulate you, threaten you, pressure or try to buy you for sex. If you don’t give it to me I will go elsewhere’. Let the fool go. You are better off without him. Sex has to be a decision YOU make, when you are mature enough to handle the responsibility and the consequences.

8. You find order and peace with him. If he throws your life into a chaotic mess, no matter how great other things are, (including the sex,) he’s not the one for you.

Have a memorable Valentine.




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5 responses to “For Single ladies. The Making of True Love.

  1. Waoh, that was very. Pls keep the fire burning. God bless you.

  2. Mercy

    Great write up… lovin it…tanx

  3. ejiro

    Thank you Sir for sharing…
    Learnt enough to re-allign things with a clearer perspective.

  4. evelyn

    thank u for this wonderful knowledge

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