For Single Men. How To Make Her Your Woman.

For Single Men. How To Make Her Your Woman.

1. Show you care for her. It is not what you do occasionally that matters but what you do regularly. It is not enough to say ‘I love you’. Show it.

2. Buying her a gift for valentine is good, but buying her a gift for ‘absolutely no reason’ is even better.

3. Spend time with her. What you do WITH her is more important than what you do FOR her. And guys, I am NOT talking about sex. Find creative ways to spend time with her. It works better than giving her money although money is also very important to ‘oil the wheels ‘ of the relationship.

4. Shut up and listen to her. This may hurt your pride but it will make her your woman. You may be the only person who really listens to her. All other guys just want to get something from her. A woman wants to be heard. Be the man who does that for her all the time.

5. Share her dream. Encourage her to reach for the stars. Celebrate her success and ‘push’ her in a healthy way to do more with her talents. Dude, if you do this right, she will give you her heart.




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9 responses to “For Single Men. How To Make Her Your Woman.

  1. Sophia

    Soooooooooooooooo true! Made my heart warm *grin* because it speaks to the love language of most women I know, including me.

  2. Awesome. Thanks Praise for this great piece.

  3. Benedict E.E.Reeves


  4. Thank you so much sir. I promise to practice this till it becomes second nature to me.

  5. Emeka

    Sincerely, I had done all that to her (someone I truly love) and things didn’t work out, so I had to let go and move on.

  6. Nwachukwu Uzoamaka

    This is a must read for every single man..

  7. Strongbert


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