For Single Ladies. How To Find Love.

How To Find Love.

1. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, no one will love you. What do you like about yourself? What gifts, talents and abilities do you have? Celebrate them. Honour yourself. Treat yourself with respect. This is the first step to finding love.

2. Make yourself loveable. It is one thing for you to like yourself, but it is a totally different thing for people to like you. To find love, you have to develop character traits that will endear you to people. If people don’t like you, they will not want to be with you.Your character is the most important key to finding love.

3. Like people. If you don’t genuinely like people and want to be around them, how can you find love? You can’t dislike men but expect men to be attracted to you. What you like, you attract.

4. Go out and mix. To find love, you have to be visible. For a man to get attracted to you, he must see you. To be seen, you have to be where people are. You cannot sit in front of the television all day and expect love to find you. You cannot spend all your time on the internet and expect love to find you. Even if you connect with someone on a social networking site, you still have to make sure that this person is for real and not a phantom.

5. Always be your very best self.




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4 responses to “For Single Ladies. How To Find Love.

  1. lily

    iam so blessed by this.

  2. Ier Ichaver

    Hello Brother.

    Thank you for all your advise etc… I occassionally read your posts via friends on fb and they offer great tips etc – however, I believe this is one-sided.

    My comment on this post when I saw this was:

    “Sigh. When will our counselors start helping our brothers with finding love? It’s always about the sisters… so the sisters do all the work, improve themselves etc etc and then get a brother who has not done much work on himself and the sister is condemned to a life of ‘working the relationship’ – praying, fasting, doing all the hard work etc etc. We appreciate the advise Dear Praise George and company but PLEASE, help our brothers out too. How about, ‘For Single Brothers: How to be a Good Date. Manners and Personal Hygiene. How to Not give in to Lust. How to Be a Man Worthy of Respect. How to Deal with your Fears. Etc etc. I tire o. I tire.”

    Please do not get me wrong. I appreciate the advise and the post. But when are we going to start helping our brothers be men worthy of these great women you are grooming with your great advise etc? We need more balance here.

    I suggest you start a column for single brothers too. Some suggested topics: 1. How to be a man of your word – letting your yes be yes and your no be no. 2. Look after your body and your health – smoking, excessive drinking, bad eating habits and obesity (evinced by the pot belly) is not attractive and creates health problems their wives and children will be burdened with in the future 3. Good manners. Return calls. Learn to speak truth. 4. Chastity. For Men.

    I’m sure if you took a poll of your sister followers and other brothers, you would get a lot more. Just saying. God bless your ministry Brother and more grease to your elbows.


    • Thanks for the comment. I already do a lot for men, if you check my posts on facebook, you will be sure to find some of them. You seem to have insights on some of the subjects you mentioned. I would suggest that you write a book on these subjects or a combination of them. I think the more information we have for our single men and ladies, the better. Blessings.

  3. Ier Ichaver

    Thanks for that. I’ve finally subscribed to your posts and will be looking out for those as well. Cool. Yes, working on the book etc… thanks and God bless!

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