For Single Ladies. How To Spot A Playa.

How to Spot a Playa.

1.He is smooth, too smooth.
When a guy knows all the right things to say, the right places to take you to, the right orders to make, the right gifts to give you and seems to never make any mistakes concerning your tastes and your likes, he may just be a playa. For a guy to be that good, he must have had lots of practice. A woman is complex. She’s so complex that even some women are not really sure about what they like. So it is amazing when you find a guy who knows what you want that intimately and you just met him! He may tell you that he ‘reads a lot’ and keeps his ears to the ground, he is ‘street wise’, but that may not be the truth. He may be so knowledgeable about the needs of women because he spends a lot of time hanging around women.

Most ladies think they want Mr Right but unfortunately, the image they have in their minds is that of a playa; a man who knows the right things to say, the right things to do and is very smooth. It is every lady’s dream to meet such a man who ‘understands me perfectly. He knows what I need instinctively. He seems to be able to read my mind. We flow automatically.’ Lady, you just described a playa How come he knows so much about making a woman feel good and comfortable with him? How did he learn these things? If this guy just seems to know what to do without your telling him, trust me, he’s had lots of practice with many other women. This marks him out as a potential playa.

A real man will make mistakes. He doesn’t really know you, your likes and your wants and may stumble around the first couple of weeks or months. He may like you but may not know how to really please you because he lacks experience. He’s had no practice so doesn’t know what a lady wants. He has no idea what kind of restaurant you may like until you suggest it to him he has no idea what you would like to eat until you give him an idea. A real man needs you to let him know what you like. He is not a mind reader. Unless you are open with him and let him know what’s on your mind, he will keep making the same mistakes.

Some ladies think that a man stays awake at night thinking about how to please them. No, he doesn’t. A man thinks about his job, his dream and how to pay the bills. Most men are not romantic. They have no idea how to please a woman. They have to be taught what to do. If he doesn’t read it in a book or see it in a movie, he would learn by experience and you are the one to give him that experience. If you like the guy and you want him in your life, you will have to teach him how to be more romantic with you and please you. If you like flowers, chocolates, certain type of music, restaurant, receiving certain gifts on your birthday, let him know. Gently give him hints as you build your relationship. The more you understand him, the easier it becomes to let him know what you really like and would love to share with him. Unless you want to end up with a playa, you will need to get involved in educating your man about your likes and wants.
Have a memorable valentine.



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2 responses to “For Single Ladies. How To Spot A Playa.

  1. Sharon

    What if evrything he does seems wrong 4u?

  2. olawale

    The story leads to me, i have no experience to dealing woman { My love} Do I need to feel ashamed?

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