For Single Ladies. Letting go

For Single Ladies.

Letting Go.
1. First thing,You cannot change a man.Stop trying.
2. He has someone else in his life. Don’t play second fiddle.
3. He hardly or never calls you but be sure that he CALLS some other woman.
4. He is nothing but pain.
5. He is moving in a totally different direction from you. Your dreams are not in alignment.
6. Your life is nothing but problems since you met him.
7. His life is disorganised and out of sync with reality.
8. He doesn’t honour you. He shames you.
9. You are the one in pursuit. It should be the other way round.
10. There’s just no peace about the relationship.
Lady, it’s time to let go. The Lord has someone better for you.



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9 responses to “For Single Ladies. Letting go

  1. This is a must read for every lady who seeks to have a healthy relationship. Thank you so much sir. God bless

  2. I’m really happy I read this piece, I’m in a relationship where the guy has all d qualities listed above, I’m scared as I don’t know how 2 even begin another relationship, how will I start another relationship at this age? I’m scared and afraid as I love this man…

    • Hi. The first thing is to let go of the wrong man. This will free you up to start doing the right things, applying the right principles in your relationship. You will find your man when you follow the right principles.

  3. Man

    Unfortunately mst ladies dont undstand or knw dat their obsession z a demon posessing them. God deliver us.

  4. veronique

    Im in relationship with a guy who is in relationship with the other lady. he didn’t tell me before but latter on i realized dat..after asking him he told me that he is in process o breaking up with her and he loves me..up to know i don’t know what to do whether to let him go or to continue with him

  5. Chibunma

    Letting go is always something that is quite difficult to do. Foremost, you fear you may not get to love any other man but like Praise George rightly said, the right man who will love, honour and cherish you always comes when you let go of the wrong one. Thank you Sir, for that beautiful piece.

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