Manifest Your Dream with the 3 C’s of Power.

Manifest Your Dream with the 3 C’s of Power.

These simple steps will help you manifest your dream.

Without clarity, failure is imminent. To be successful, you must know what you want. Be very clear about it. Knowing what you want is half-way to the manifestation of your dream. Many have no idea what they really want in life. They are confused. Confusion is really bad for the business of manifesting your destiny. Confusion is a destroyer of dreams. One way to have clarity is to write down on paper what exactly you desire to achieve. Be specific. Give the details of what you want. Describe it in the very best way that you can. Don’t say that you want ‘plenty of money’. That is a recipe for failure. Say that you want ‘$100,000 by June 24th,2012.’ Now, that is being specific. Don’t say that you want to own a ‘good house.’ Say that you want a ‘3 bedroom home.’

It is easier to manifest what you have clarity about. Without clarity, your journey will be a big struggle. As often as you can, always clarify your goals and add new details to help you see exactly in what direction you are headed.

Count The Cost.
It is only a fool who sets forth on a journey without considering if he has enough resources to get to his destination. The wise count the cost of the journey before they take a step. What will it take you to manifest your dream? What resources do you require? What resources do you have? Do you have what your dream demands of you? How long will it take you to manifest this dream? What amount of money, time, energy and other resources will be required to manifest your dream? What are you willing to give up just to manifest this particular dream?

Don’t rush. Take your time to answer all of these questions and others that come to your mind. Not to count the cost may be fatal to the manifestation of your dream. Some people believe in ‘blind faith.’ They take on projects and enthusiastically thrust themselves in without counting the cost. When they fail in their endeavour, such people experience massive pain on several levels. In fact, many of these people never recover well enough from their failure to pursue any significant thing in life. Don’t ruin your future by recklessness. Count the cost before you embark on your pursuit.

For instance, if your dream is to release a gospel album, you should be able to at least sing or play an instrument. If you can’t sing a note to save your life, play an instrument or really understand music, how on earth will you manifest such a dream? It is obvious that such a dream exists in the realm of fantasy. If you want to start a business, you should have some business skills. Desire is not enough to manifest your business. If you don’t possess some business skills, this dream will be an exercise in futility unless you team up with someone with business skills.

Concentration of Energy.
Get some clarity, count the cost, now concentrate all your life energies and resources on one dream until it manifests. People fail in their endeavours mostly because they waste their energy on too many things. They waste their energy on things that really don’t matter to the manifestation of their dream. To be successful, you must bring all of your mental, emotional and spiritual energy to bear on your dream. When you focus and concentrate your energy on what you want, it will seem as if there is an ‘open heaven’ over your life. Things just begin to work in your favour. It isn’t a supernatural occurrence. It is simply because where we place our attention accelerates the manifestation of our intention. When we focus on the right thing, just one thing, we become almost invincible and manifest our dream faster. What we focus on begins to ‘show us ways’ to bring it into manifestation in our lives. For instance, if you want to buy a specific car, you begin to see different ways through which you can attract the money or other resources to acquire it.

You will have to let go of some things that are not necessarily important to the manifestation of your dream. For instance, I spend very little time on Facebook because I discovered that it has very little bearing on the manifestation of my dream. In fact, sometimes, it completely drains me of mental and emotional energy needed to pursue my dream. You have to let go of the many things that distract you from pursuing the one thing which is vitally important to the manifestation of your dream. This is your responsibility. Some friends may be given less time than you gave them last year. You may develop new relationships that will help you manifest your dream. Whatever you do, concentrate your energies on one thing. Concentration of energy is the master key to the manifestation of your dream.



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4 responses to “Manifest Your Dream with the 3 C’s of Power.

  1. myriam

    Thank you for this advice. I will put it into practice.

  2. Evelyn

    tak u so much may God bless u, Evelyn

  3. thanks a million sir,GOD blnss… I want to build a career on public singing and writing,wath are the things you suggest i should do? Thank you.

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