Single Lady, Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse.

Single Lady, Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse.

There are several ways to make a man commit totally to you in a relationship. Many ladies use some weak strategies which fail to produce results. These are some of them.

Beg him. This is what happens to a woman with low self esteem. She has no understanding of who she is, what she’s got and what she’s capable of becoming. She begs a man to love her and get married to her. This is weak and pathetic. It is the wrong way to go.

Buy him. This is when a woman wants to use material and financial power to persuade a man top get married to her. This method always fails.

Seduce him. This is when a woman uses sex to make the man accept her and ask for her hand in marriage. The weakness with this strategy is that sex is a very weak currency. It has no lasting or staying influence on a man’s mind. A man who get’s married to you for the sex is on his way out the next best sex he gets.

Manipulate him. This is when a woman comes up with a scheme to lie, deceive and emotionally manipulate a man to make a commitment to her. it usually fails when the man discovers what the lady did.

However, you can make him an offer he can’t refuse. How do you do this?

First, make sure that the man likes you. If he doesn’t like you, this exercise is a waste of your time.

Next, find out why he likes you. There’s something about you that fascinates him, magnetises him, attracts him, enthralls him. There’s a reason why he likes you. Why does he like to be with you and not with some other woman? Ask him nicely, ‘what do you like about me?’ Make sure he tells you something specific. Note it carefully. Don’t take it lightly. This will grant you access into his mind.

Now build that area of your life to attract him the more. If he likes you for your dress sense, then you should focus on it. Make sure you make an impression every time you are with him. This will want him to spend TIME with you. Spending time with you helps to build your emotional bond without pressure.

While you build on that one thing, try and find out more about what he likes and expand your areas of influence on his mind. It may have started with your dress sense, then he develops a liking for your conversational or your spiritual intelligence. Improve yourself in these areas.

There is something a man is searching for in a woman and contrary to what popular magazines say, it is NOT all about sex. The more time you spend with him, the more you discover what is important to HIM specifically. All men are not the same. What makes him tick? When you discover what is important to him, each time you are with him, FOCUS on this one thing. Don’t waste your energy trying to impress him with what he has no interest in. Do that which makes meaning to him. Don’t try to be who or what you are not because you want to impress him. It would be a complete waste of your energy. Be true to who you are.

And the offer he can’t refuse? Every man wants a good woman. In a man’s mind, a good woman is one who understands him enough to show him the way to his greatness. It’s as simple as that. Let him realize, in very simple terms that you are that woman. If he fails to get married to you, his future may be uncertain. But with you, great possibilities await him in the future. Say it. Show it. Live it. No man can refuse such an offer. However, if he doesn’t make his move, he is not the one for you.




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  1. graceunlimited

    this is impactful thanks a lot

  2. Daniel chi. okwuka

    I must appriciate praise george for all is write up the are indeed life changing, i urge evry reader 2aply his principle 4maximul result.

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