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Why Are You Not Married?

Why Are You Not Married?

1. You have no plans for marriage. Unless you put marriage at the top of your list, you will not get married any time soon.

2. You date the wrong guys but expect something good to come out of it.

3. You are tied down in an unhealthy relationship and you are just managing it.

4. You are too arrogant for any man to be interested in getting married to you. If you had some humility, your man will appear in your life.

5. Your anger ruins every relationship.

6. You try to use sex to keep a man in a relationship with you. The man gets the sex and dumps you soon after.

7. You are still having fun, just like a teenager and do not realise that time is not on your side. You won’t remain young and attractive for ever. Stop this foolishness and get married.

8. You put your career before your relationship. You have destroyed many relationships because of your drive to reach the top of the corporate ladder.

9. You are searching for the perfect man who doesn’t exist. You will probably find such a man when you die and go to heaven!

10. You simply refuse to make a decision. You completely underestimate the influence and power of a woman. It isn’t complex-Girl meets man. Girl likes man who likes her. Girl makes a decision to get married and lets man realise that she’s the one and there’s no other. Man has little or no choice because he really likes girl and wants her in his life. Wedding date is set. Girl gets married to man. They live happily ever after. End of story.



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Prayer for Single Ladies

Prayer for Single Ladies

May you find uncommon favour with the Lord.
May the scales fall from your eyes.
May the Lord give you more clarity.
May every frustrating relationship be broken.
May every man on an assignment to waste your time and energy be put to shame.
May every liar be exposed.
May any man trying to steal your glorious destiny be exposed.
May you be set free from the relationship that is taking you nowhere.
May you come out of obscurity.
May you be seen. May you be very visible. May you be found by your husband.
May your steps be supernaturally ordered to meet your husband.
May he recognise you instantly.
May your man love you the way you are.
May your man honour, respect and protect you.
May the Lord turn your sorrow into joy and give you a testimony, in the Name of Jesus. Blessings.~Praise George.

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For Single Ladies. Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine.

For Single Ladies. Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine.

1. You are beautifully and wonderfully created. Honour yourself always.
2. You can’t force a man to like you. Love is not by force.
3. If he doesn’t like you, do yourself a favour and look elsewhere.
4. Don’t give him your ‘pearls’ in an attempt to ‘seduce’ him. It usually never works.
5. Making yourself a ‘sex slave’ will not make him want you, instead he will detest you. No man really wants what he can get for ‘free.’
6. You have great value. Someday, a good man will appreciate it.
7. Many men are blind and will not discern your value. Don’t give your heart to a man who cannot discern your value.
8. The man who can see through and discern your value is the one who deserves your heart.
9. Give your ‘pearls’ to a man who will value, love and protect you.



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Your Desires Matter | A Guest Post from my wife

Unlike many girls I know, I grew up a tomboy. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that it occurred to me that I was a grown woman and started desiring ‘womanly’ things like marriage and children. I didn’t have any specific ideas in mind…it was not something I had given serious though before.

I attended a church meeting once where the preacher encouraged everyone present to write a list of what they desired (depending on their situation). He asked the single ladies to be very detailed about the type of husbands they desired and when we were done, it went in a huge pile for prayers. At another fellowship months later, the preacher admonished those of us present that we should not dictate lists to God and if we had such lists, we should tear them up or burn them even.

In the following 10 years, I lost count of how many lists I wrote and tore up mentally and physically. I put out fleeces and mentally withdrew them (if you don’t know what this means please read Judges 6, especially verses 35 – 40). In that time, I met all sorts of men with different agenda but none seemed to click. Most were comfortable with my faith as long as I kept it to myself and it didn’t get in the way of our relationship. When our values conflicted, it was because I was being ‘holier than thou’. At some point, I was not even sure God was interested in the desires of my heart concerning a husband and I was ready to settle. I thought maybe everyone was right…maybe I was 30+ and single because I was being too ‘picky’.

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Creating Intimacy 1

Creating Intimacy 1.

1. The deeper your intimacy with your partner, the stronger your relationship will be. To solidify the foundation of your relationship, you should build intimacy in key areas- emotional, mental and spiritual.

2. The more you know of yourself, the easier it becomes for you to share the real you with your partner. Living a superficial and fake life will only end up hurting your relationship.

3. Intimacy involves openness and honesty. If you are not honest with yourself, you can’t be honest with your partner and your relationship will not be honest. Honesty can be scary sometimes but it is the key to freedom and happiness.

4. There are areas of your life that you have refused to access because of the painful memories that are associated with them. To develop intimacy, you will need to gently open the door to those hidden areas. If you don’t, those same things you are hiding may end up hurting your relationship.

5. Everyone has issues. Let your partner know your strengths and your weaknesses. It helps your partner to know what he/she is dealing with and how to make value contributions to your life.

6. Fear is your enemy. It will block the door to openness and intimacy in your relationship. Even if your partner loves you more than his/her own soul, you will not believe or receive such love because of your fear. Release your fears to the Lord.

7. Intimacy is a process. It won’t happen overnight. The magical connection you desire to have with your partner won’t just happen. You need to build it, block by block. If intimacy seems lacking in your relationship, don’t complain or lay blame. Begin immediately to do something about it by being open with your partner and talking about ways to make your relationship stronger.


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Prayer For Single Ladies.

Prayer For Single ladies.

May your steps be ordered in the right direction.
May you come out of fear.
May you come out of confusion.
May the Lord wipe your tears.
May the mistakes of your past cease to torment you.
May you be delivered from every unprofitable relationship.
May emotional pain dissolve from your life.
May you find favour in the eyes of your future partner.
May you find favour with his family.
May the Lord cause your beauty to shine.
May the Lord cause your strengths to stand out.
May the Lord honour you.
May you bring favour and peace into the life of the man who finds you.
May you be accepted the way you are, in true love, unconditionally.
May true love find you, in Jesus Name.



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The Law of Clarity.

The Law Of Clarity.

1. The clarity you have is reflected in the results you produce in your life.

2. Hard work without clarity will result in frustration.

3. Prayer, meditation, silence and reading will help bring you more clarity.

4. Until you see it, you can’t manifest it.

5. The Lord is your LIGHT. He gives you more clarity when you spend time with Him in prayer.

6. When you have clarity, you have no doubts. You are confident.

7. To manifest your dream, all you need to do is ‘take the next step.’ That is clarity.

8. Fear and confusion dissolve when you have clarity.

9. Clarity gives you acceleration and speed.

10. To manifest your dream effortlessly, seek more clarity.



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For Single men. Is She Playing You?

For Single men. Is She Playing You?

1. She likes the lunch, dinner dates but doesn’t really like to spend time with you.
2. She has a 100 other guys calling her daily.
3. She’s always critical of you.
4. She’s always in the company of guys who are just her ‘friends.’
5. She demands money from you whether you have it or not. If you don’t have it, she gives you hell.
6. She’s never introduced you to her family. She said she’s waiting or the ‘right time.’ When will that be?
7. When you ask about marriage, she tells you to ‘be patient.’ A woman who is ready for marriage wants it yesterday.
8. She is self-centered and is not interested in your dream or future.
9. She’s arrogant and acts like she’s doing you a favour.
10. She never contributes meaningfully to your life.
Dude, this lady could just be playing you.


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For Single Ladies. The Laws of Attraction2

For Single Ladies. The Laws of Attraction2

1. People see you before they hear what you have to say. Your looks are important if you want to attract the right man into your life.

2. Take care of your FACE. You may not have the facial beauty of ‘Miss Universe’, but you can do the very best with what you have. Wear a smile as often as you can. A smile is magnetic to a man who likes you.

3. Your hair should be neat. Choose a hair style that is comfortable and easy for you to maintain. If you use wigs or attachments, don’t make them stay too long on your head. Keep your nails neat.

4. What you wear is very important to attract your man. Wear clothes that bring out the very best of your figure and natural beauty. Even when you are married, you have to keep the attraction going on.

5. There’s slutty dressing and there’s classy dressing- One is for the streets the other is for a home. A man may be attracted to and want to USE a slutty dresser because her dressing says, ‘I am available for sex,’ but he will want the classy dresser to be his wife. No man wants to put slutty dressing in his home. No man wants to point at a slutty dresser in public and proudly say,’That’s my wife.’

6. It is not complex. If you dress like a Queen you will attract a King. If you dress like a ‘slut’ you will attract a ‘low life’.

7. Work on your attitude. You may dress like a princess but have the sour attitude of a pauper, this will put off a man who likes you. It is a total disappointment to see a beautiful, well dressed lady who acts and talks without class.

8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so be your best self at all times. Never try to be someone else. If you pretend to be someone you are not, the guy will soon discover it and take off. Be yourself and you will attract the right man into your life.



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For Single ladies. The Making of True Love.

For Single ladies. The Making of True Love.

1. It’s in his yes. When he is with you, he pays you full and total attention. Shifty eyes tell you that his mind is not with you. Shifty eyes are ‘criminal.’

2. It’s in his smile. A smilling face shows that he likes you. If he frowns when he’s with you, he’s not happy with you.

3. It’s in his touch. There are different kinds of touch. There’s the gentle touch
which shows that he cares. The sexual touch is full of excitement and shows that he’s in it for the sex and nothing else. Watch him closely.

4. He calls you when it matters to YOU. He doesn’t call you when it is convenient but when it is important to you.

5. He will change his plans just to spend time with you. Spending time with you is a sign of love ( when other things are in place.). He may give you the whole world but spend time with someone else.

6. Your presence brings him peace of mind. A man always gravitates in the direction of his peace of mind. If you bring such balance into his life, his heart is already with you.

7. He doesn’t manipulate you, threaten you, pressure or try to buy you for sex. If you don’t give it to me I will go elsewhere’. Let the fool go. You are better off without him. Sex has to be a decision YOU make, when you are mature enough to handle the responsibility and the consequences.

8. You find order and peace with him. If he throws your life into a chaotic mess, no matter how great other things are, (including the sex,) he’s not the one for you.

Have a memorable Valentine.



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