My Journey.

Praise George...looking Time Magazine-esque ;)

Praise George...looking ready for the cover of Time Magazine 😀

Writing my first book was tough.

I had always had this dream of being a writer. From as early as I can remember, I read anything I could lay my hands on: comics, magazines, novels, books, newspapers, the Bible. Anything I could read was game. Thanks to the books my mom and dad were gracious enough to bring into our home. My dad was also an avid read of Time magazine. 40 years later, I still read it. This was the foundation for my voracious appetite for information and knowledge.

After at the age of 10, I focused mainly on novels. I read huge, monstrous novels that seemed too big for my age and my head. I remember in secondary school, my friends spent their money buying clothes and shoes. I spent my money on books. If a thief rummaged my suitcase, he would be totally disappointed because all he would find would be books and drab clothes. I had very little interest in fashion although that changed after I realized the importance of looking good in attracting members of the opposite sex!

All those books I read and the millions of words I devoured began to percolate in my young mind and I began to see myself as a writer. I tried my hands on writing short stories but nothing ever came out of it. A short course in writing at the age of 17 laid the foundation for the next 3 decades of my life. It gave me the tools I needed to put my ideas on paper, although that didn’t happen until about 10 years later.

I had a mis-adventure in the university, having no idea why I was there. I kind of floated through the system until I decided to set myself free before it drove me completely crazy. One day, I got up and left without a degree. I can talk about it now, but back then, I felt so much pain because I didn’t have a degree. Thank God for guys like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Richard Branson and very recently, Mark Zuckerberg who redeemed the image of restless, entrepreneurial, leave-school-before-degree-types like me.

All I ever wanted to do was write and speak to large groups of people. The university gave me no direction towards my goal. I wish I knew someone like me, a Praise George who could talk to me and give me clarity; someone who could show me the Power of my talent, and set me on my course with Drive. But alas,(in the words of my wife, Abiola,) I was alone, there was no one to give me guidance. I struggled along my path, then I began to use one of my talents: singing.

I sang for so many Churches that I lost count. I made a living with my voice. But somewhere in my soul, the words I had ingested for years just wouldn’t let me rest. They demanded for expression and I discovered that singing couldn’t bring me to my destiny. Then I decided to write a book . That was the beginning of change in my life.

Like I said in the opening words of this article, my first book was tough. I had never done it before. All I had was my singing skill and my gift of words. I will never forget the day the ‘land lady’ of the one bedroom flat I lived in showed up and found me at home writing.
‘What are you doing at home at this hour of the day’? she asked.
‘I am writing, working on a book’, I replied.
‘You are writing? Writing what?’, she laughed with derision. ‘Why don’t you get a job like everybody else and stop deceiving yourself that you are a writer?’

I was devastated by her words. I felt shame. I felt my old pain haunting me again. But I ignored her and kept on writing because I had no choice. I was broke. I was desperate. And my only hope for survival was the completion of that book. If I didn’t complete it, I was sure to starve or experience some form of pain worse than it.

I completed that book and it sold it like crazy. That book freed me from the tyranny of a job. It freed me from poverty. It freed me from the tyranny of crooked men in religious disguise who wanted to exploit my singing ability for self aggrandizement. It freed me to live my dream.

One thing that made the difference for me was my ability to sell. I learned to sell to survive. My selling skills served me well when I released my first book. I went to places no writer had gone before. I was not ashamed to talk to people about my product, so I sold like crazy. When I tell people that I am a writer, some of them look at me like I am crazy until I tell them how many books I have sold. Some of them still don’t get it, until I put it in figures, then their eyes light up like a Christmas tree! I write, I sell, I make enough money to live a good life and I do it effortlessly.

After Successful Singing, other books found expression through me: Action, Releasing The Success within. Then I wrote Rules For Single Ladies. After that, it seemed as if I tapped into an ocean of wisdom. The ideas just kept on coming. It was effortless. I had found the fountain of Grace. Over 60 books later, I am still writing. The dream of that 17 year old writer has come to pass and has even been surpassed because I stayed true to my calling.

Why do I keep writing? Simple.

It thrills my soul when a young man walks up to me and tells me that “I read your books since I was a teenager and it has made the difference in my life.” I feel honoured when a young lady walks up to me and says,” 8 years ago, I started reading your books and today I am married with children. Thanks.”

Writing these words bring tears of gratitude to my eyes. I am grateful to the Lord for using my Talent to change lives, to be a blessing to millions of people in many parts of the world. I can’t imagine where I would have been if it wasn’t for the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ who kept me on the right path.

To all who have bought and read my books, to all who have bought my CDs and VCDs, to all who have attended my seminars and programs, I am eternally grateful for honouring me, for honouring my talents by allowing me be a part of your life, a part of your history, a part of your destiny. You are the reason I do what I do. I make a commitment to stay true to my calling, to my talents, to my path, and to be a blessing to all those to whom the Lord would grant me access.



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20 responses to “My Journey.

  1. Marvel Adeyemi

    …Quite touching.

  2. myriam

    Amen. That’s inspirational. God is good and His mercy endureth forever.

  3. george essien

    great stuff…u are our inspiration

  4. Think i’m impressed wit this and a challenge to me to live and take the step ahead of me

  5. Wow…every one with a dream should read this!

  6. Ejiro Ariodere

    There are Young minds out there desirous of any opportunity to hear or read a word that will inspire them.

    I happen to be one of them…and i am glad that I don’t ‘wish I knew someone like you’ because there’s a Praise George who could talk to me and give me clarity; someone who could show me the
    Power of my talent, and set me on my course with Drive.”

    You are an inspiration Sir.

  7. After my first book destiny made our paths cross at Aba market in 2008. You spoke to me and gave me tips on how to better package my books. Now I am glad to tell you that I did what you said and have started getting amazing results with three book titles from me to the glory of God. God bless you sir, may your spiritual ink never run dry. Thanks so much.

  8. Esther Amoah


  9. Samuel Akpan

    God Bless u Sir,I’m an addicted reader of ur books and publications and they’ve shaped my life in no small measure. Thank u Sir, more greasa 2 ur elbows. I want 2 learn and 2 understand d principles of mentality factor, Please sir what books can u recoments 4 me, and which programs and seminars can i attend. Ur recomendations’ll be highly appreciated. Thanks a million.

  10. Praise George, thank you for this revelation of your writing journey. It’s a great inspiration, especially for someone like me who have always wanted to write but let procastination get in the way. I’m finally on the road to achieving my dreams (my blog is the start of it) and by the grace of God and the leadings of the Holy Spirit, I will make it. I believe when God give us gifts/talents, we need to utilise them to the best of our abilities.

    When I met you two years ago, I told you my dreams and you told me that I should be selling books. I haven’t actually finished my first novel yet, but I’m working on it. One of the reasons that stopped me was that I didn’t know how to write a book. I had hoped that I would have had the opportunity to get your publshing kit, but I don’t think it’s available in the UK. If I’m wrong, please let me know. Anyway, regardless of that, I am determined to finish that novel.

    God bless you.


  11. PG…u just made me cry….i see myself in u…u are a big encouragement!!!!! i have met u in person and u are as pleasant as ur words!!! more grace…

  12. Taku Mirabelle Besong

    Thank u so much PG, u are an inspiration to me.I live ur words in my everyday life and your words have encouraged me to live a virtuous life and be proud of it. I call you my papa,and all my friends say “your papa” when referring u to me.
    I have always wanted to be a writer,it’s my gift and talent, but procrastination has always kept me from starting.Since i met u, the burning inspiration to write in me keeps increasing.When i read your books,i see myself some years to come in you,You are my role model and you’ve set the pace for me to begin, to put my talent at work
    I never regret the day i borrowed one of your books, “Date Smart” from a friend.Since then i have never stopped longing for your books, they are food to my soul.You’re a blessing to mankind and to my life in particular.
    Thank God for using you to make me put my long-discovered talent to work.Your above story is so similar to mine,but for the fact dat you have already begun writing and i succeeded to graduate.Though i find more pleasure and comfort in writing than applying what i learnt in the university (Zoology).God will continue to bless u for me and give u more inspiration to touch more lives.
    Keep going forward papa,i’m following closely behind.I am 23years old now,hope i impact more lives before i get to your age.You’ll always remain my Role Model,my papa….
    Your Student!

  13. Ogwuru ezinne

    PG you are a living testimony! God bless u real good.

  14. Benedict


  15. GOWOK

    Words alone cannot expressed how you make me feel when reading your books…. Honestly i feel like running mad positively. If not for the saying which says and i quote ” if you try to be like someone the best you can be is number two of that person” I would like to be exactly like GEORGE PRAISE…… I strongly believe that your books will greatly improve my ability and profession. from Nigeria

  16. I have been a blessing to many from last year when i came in contact with your book Action, it change my whole life and it made me believe in myself and what i have been seeing myself as. Please sir i have been praying to meet you yourself. To God be the glory i speak in conferences my own small way, and i also buy your books and sell them to many and also recommend them to all friends i meet. Sir all your books i have ever read are powerful and life changing. The Talent, Action, Money Magnet, Cracking the Destiny Code, Drive in fact all your book. Sir you have been my mentor from, and i really look up to you. Can you please connect me to yourself by way of you cell phone, skype or any other way i could talk to you in person?,. Please sir i will be grateful if i could have access to you yourself in person. Am from Ghana and my name is James Legend Blessing and am even believing God to bring you to Ghana to speak in one my conference am organising Accra the capital on December if possible

  17. jides


  18. Yakubu

    you are blessing sir. you have since been on the path am following

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